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Love our new Sony Bravia KDL-32XBR6


Our 26" bedroom TV died on us so we decided to move our 27" Mitsubishi into the bedroom and finally get with the times and upgrade to a flat panel TV. Since this was going to be an expensive purchase we put alot of time into researching TV's. We asked family and friends, we searched consumer and techie reviews on the internet and we visited many stores to look at all the TV's in person. When you see the TV's in person next to each other you can see the difference in the picture quality. Once we narrowed down our search to the Sony we focused our research just on reviews of the Sony Bravias and finding the best price. Also after alot of research we knew we wanted a TV with 1080 input. We found exactly what we wanted at HG Gregg at a great price. We are so happy with our decision. The set up was so easy. Picture quality is flawless and it was also easy to hook up the DVR and the Wii to the Sony. 32" is a good size for our living room. It is also a nice looking TV with it's black finish.

Jacksonville, FL


THe Sony Bravia XBR 32" LCD HDTV is your typical Sony


    My sister lives and breathes Sony products but frankly, I cannot see why. I guess I was influenced by her enthusiasm when I purchased the Bravia. I was content at first. It had a nice gloss black casing. The stand was easy to attach and I had it set up within five minutes. I      The sound quality is adequate. It can be adjusted for treble and base and it does a good enough job on its own. As for me I use a surround sound system so the actual tv audio isn't a big deal for me.    The picture quality is actually quite good. It doesn't really stand out when compared to other 32' brands but it definitely holds it's own With the proper adjustments in color, contrast and background lighting I'm sure anyone can get a setting that suits them. It has advanced settings for a cooler picture  (bluish tint) or a warmer picture (reddish tint). You can set it to the usual variety ranging from standard, dynamic to theatre picture and of course customized.      The Sony comes with multiple ports for component, composite, HDMI, and PC attachments, so you can hook up you're dvd's, games and computers. It had everything I needed to keep me a happy camper.    Unfortunately, as I find with most Sony products, it has its kinks. After a couple of months it developed a digital line straight down the left side of the screen. If you did not know it was there you might not notice it, but when you know it's there, it stands out like a sore thumb. As you watch a movie or play a game your eyes are invariably drawn to 'THE LINE'.    Needless to say, I replaced the Bravia with a Toshiba. I gave the Bravia to my nephew who did not mind the line. The line actually disappeared a few months later just as mysteriously as it had appeared. Oh well, typical Sony. Reliably quirky.  

Bridgewater, NJ


It is worth every penny


I have always been a loyal Sony customers.  Occasionally I walked off my path, but eventually I returned and buy Sony products.  I own this TV for about 15 months now, and all I can say is that it is worth every single penny.  I believe the XBR series is at or near the top of the line for Sony Bravia TV.  It shows.  Everything is bright and smooth.  The body is sleek and glossy which makes it a little bit of dust magnet. I bought this LCD TV to replace my old 22 inch.  At first, the new TV was hooked to cable without HD.  Subsequently, it was hooked up to FIOS with HD.  What a different.  It is way much better with HD in terms of picture quality.  Some may say that the black is not as black as Samsung.  But for me, I do not notice any difference (black is black).  I also have a 40 inch Z series.  I don't know, but I believe the 32 inch is sometimes better because I find the 40 inch at times appears blocky.  The sound for this TV is good and sufficient for an average person. One thing I do not get is the TV guide mode.  Somehow, it is difficult for me to set the right time after activating the TV guide mode. Overall, I am happy with the purchase.  The size is right for a small bedroom.

Kendall Park, NJ


What a FANTASTIC picture.


This ** Sony BRAVIA XBR (KDL32XBR6) 32" LCD HDTV **has replaced an AGE old Panasonic 27Inch in the Hopes that my Wife will leave my Big Screen Alone and watch her IDOL and Dances with  the Stars on her TV. This has succeded. It has an absolutely beautiful picture, the Sound is Better than Most TV sound. Visually pleasing and Easy setup. I have now hooked it up to a Surround sound and my wife is very pleased. I now find myself watching TV with her more than not and on her TV instead of my 51". lol. If you are Looking for a new TV, this would be one I would suggest to you. It has most of the Features used today, Like HDMI inputs for Newer DVD players and some Cable Boxes. Multiple Inputs for those who still use VCR, DVD, Camcorder and so on. right out of the BOX the picture is beautiful, so setup is a Breeze but Picture and Sound Options can be changed rather easily in the Menu screen.

Spokane, WA



4.5 4