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Sony Simon Cowell X-Factor Headphones

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All-day comfortable headphones with noise cancelling.


These headphones are great for the price in terms of durability, comfort, and sound. Sound Quality When reviewing sound quality, it is important to have some kind of comparison. Otherwise, rating it by number could be vague (i.e. what I consider a 4, you may consider a 10). With that said, the sound quality is very good. Compared to Sony's MDR-V6 and Souls 150 by Ludacris, there's more bass. Equalizers can always be used for tweaking the X10 to your preference, but these are great for gaming, movies, and other various entertainment uses. Studio production use is also possible though I believe that then comes down to a higher level of personal preference. The moment you put on these headphones, you'll notice the noise cancelling immediately. Comfort The ear pads are kind of squishy and soft. I could wear these the whole day and would not have to deal with the pressure on my ears that most other headphones apply. At the same time, it isn't so loose that they feel like they'll fall off very easily. Design The design (fashionably speaking) is great for in-home entertainment or for a DJ at a club. I would not wear these on the streets only for safety reasons, primarily the noise cancelling reduces your ability to be aware of your surroundings more. Functionally speaking, the auxiliary cable that attaches to the headphones have a locking mechanism (just insert and turn clockwise), which is great if you have problems with the cable pulling loose. On the other hand, it may mean that your headphones will fly off as well. It really depends on what you're doing with it and what situation you're in.



Excellent product, comfortable to use, classic design.


I would recommend these headphones to anyone. They have a very classic design, and are extremely comfortable to wear. They are a classic design that would look good with anything you wear. The sound quality is excellent. You can use them in many ways, you can listen to music with them, you can use them to block out sound and you can also use them when exercising. These headphones are also extremely durable if you drop them they will hold up and not break or crack. If you want headphones that are classic, comfortable and durable these are the headphones for you.

Dyer, IN


A must have for any serious audiohead


Excellent fit, easliy adjustable, superb sound quaility in an inexpensive set of headphones. These are very well made, sound reproduction is similar to those found in the upper end ranges. Sound Quality Tones were well split over both headphones, in some lower end headphones you'll have sound splitup over one when it shouldnt be. These do exceptional in the bass ends also. Comfort Very comoftable, for over the ears headphones these left my ears feeling nice and cool versus some of the others I've used. These are very easy adjusted to your indiviual taste also; wearing behind head, overneck or on shoulder. Design There's little room for improving perfecton with the Sony Simon Crowell Edition-these are sleek over your head, not like other "bulky"over the ear headphones. Durability After much use, they're still looking as nice as when I first put them on. These babys are very tough, just like Simon bulit to withstand the toughest conditons we find ourselves in each day.

Freeland, MI


Sony Simon Cowell X-Factor Headphones

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