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Sony - S-750 Digital Camera

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Easy to tote around


I recieved this camera for a Christmas present 2 years ago.  I really like it!  It is the perfect size to stow in my purse at all times, so that I always have it with me if I need to take a picture.  I am not extremely technologically savvy, and it is easy to use and operate.  I was easily able to figure out how to use it from the instruction book, and the buttons have small symbols which show what they mean. For the price point of this camera and the small size, it is a great buy.  I wish I had a camera that takes better pictures, but realisitically for my uses the pictures are a fine quality.  If I wanted to buy a camera that takes better pictures but is still that small, I would be spending a whole lot more money. The only thing that really annoys me about this camera is that there is a long wait time between pressing the button to take the picture and when the picture actually snaps.  Again, for the price of this camera I think that is about typical, but it is still very frustrating when I am trying to take a picture of my kid and he moves before I can snap the photo.

Greenville, SC


Sony Cybershot is Awesome!!


My sister bought me this for my birthday one year and I feel in love with it!! It takes really good pics and they come out so clear and colorful!! I love that you can pick different colors to take the picture in, such as black and white,etc. I love that it takes up too 10 minutes of video at a time!! I have been able to get some great clear videos with sound. The flash is amazing and works great in the dark!! There are many great features on this camera. It also has micro on it and you can get really close of pictures of tiny objects and it comes up really clear!! It is very light and takes the pictures quick and you can easily playback and delete ones you don't want. Also a neat feature on it is you can crop and record a new image off a photo while on the camera!! I hardly go anywhere without this camera. I am so in love with it's clear and wonderful pictures it takes!. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a good camera!

High Point, NC




I was given a Sony-Cyber-Shot for my birthday,and i love it!I'm a mother and grandmother,and am always taking pictures of my grandkids.I love the way i can zoom in on my granddaughters face.Kids are fun and silly.So i also love the fact that i can take video and capture all those silly and cute moments.What's great about this camera is that i can plug it into my T.V and watch the videos on big screen!My granddaughter gets a kick out of seeing herself on T.V.We can also watch a slide show of our pictures.This camera is easy to use,affordable,and the quality is excellent.

Phoenix, AZ


The best Camera for a low budget


The Sony Cyber Shot S 750 digital still camera is one of the greatest cameras I've seen and used for the money.  It's only draw back in my mind is the requried use of a memery stick instead of the typical chips.  I love the auto focus on faces and the easy to use features.  The best easy to use feature is the easy to turn wheel to select shot settings and on sceen gives a small description of what those changes will do to your photo. I wanted camera that I could take on vaction and not worry about working or beeing hard to use.  When I talked to the sales person they highly recomend the Sony Cyber Shot S 750 giving it's highlights being it's various ajustable settings and high magapixles for the money value.  The only draw back was the use of the memory stick in place of the nomal DS chip that most cameras use.  This also ment that when I wanted to view the shots I took on my camera on my computer I would need to have my camera connect by USB cord instead of just removing the chip and placing it in the media reader on my computer.  The veiw screen on the Sony Cyber Shot S 750 is a nice 3 inches which makes it very easy to look at and read all text on the screen. 

Batavia, NY


Sony - S-750 Digital Camera

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