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Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-505

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Great Reader, not so great software


I love the Sony eReader, but I use Calibre as the transferring/library software and I have NO issues. The Sony Reader software was very frustrating. Other than that, I love this Reader and use it constantly!


Memphis, TN


I love the convenience of having all my books in one device!


I love to read and the Sony Reader allows me to take multiple books everywhere I go without the inconvenience of actually carrying multiple books.  When having to pack for a trip, it was really hard and inconvenient if I had to waste my suitcase space with paperback books.  If I didn't take the books, then I would have to end up spending money buying new books, then finding room for them for the return trip.  VERY ANNOYING.  I love that I am able to buy and download books in the convenience of my home. The print has three different font sizes so it makes it easier to read for each individual person.  The only downfall is that there isn't a backlight on the reader so you will need to have light to read.  I have heard other complaints that the reader screen will reflect light and be hard to read, but I have not experienced this difficulty.  Otherwise I love my reader and carry it with me everywhere in my purse!


Saint Cloud, FL


Hundreds of books in a package half the size of a DVD case!


I actually don't own one of these toys yet, but my daughter was here this summer permanently attached to hers.  Sony just dropped the price and has a new model out which I plan to purchase. The Sony PRS-505 is so thin, it's about half the size of a DVD case.  Even with it's leather cover I still think it's thinner than a DVD case. What I really love about the Sony is the expandable memory.  You could put tons of extra books on it, or, as my daughter has, 4 GB of music to listen to while reading. This product's main competition is the Kindle.  While the new kindle models allow for easier scrolling thru the book, a dictionary feature, downloadable content from the device, and the potential for text to speach (please note that few if any publishers have yet to make content that uses this "feature" on the kindle), the added cost is prohibitive, and in my opinion, not worth it. I was concerned that the Sony eReader would be hard on my eyes, but the "liquid ink" technology is fabulous.  The adjustable font size is great for aging eyes.  The universal USB Mini charger cord means I can pack just one cord for my camera, cell phone, Zen player, etc. The only con is that the device locked up once or twice over the course of a month.  One time it was as easy as turning the device off, and turning it back on, the second time we had to try a myriad of things to get the device to respond.  Also, the sony software won't allow you to interface with the device if the battery isn't at least half charged, insisting on charging for an hour first.  This seems to be circumventable with use of a third party software such as calibre.


Brush, CO


The Sony E-reader makes all your books portable


This is a great invention.  I love books and I love taking a book with me when I go somewhere that I know I will have to wait.  Books tend to be bulky and take up a lot of room in your bag.  Well, this little device is pretty cool. You can buy all of the books that you desire and load them on this device.  You can now take all the books you want to take within this one lightweigt ereader.  This device is ultra-portable and holds a lot of books.  It is great to take on vacation because it saves so much space in comparison with books.  The ebooks tend to be a bit pricier than I normally pay for hardcopy because I usually buy my books used, but the portablilty factor comes into play.  The device is easy to use.  You can bookmark multiple pages for a certain book.  The buttons are easy to use and the screen is easy to read.  The software loads easily onto your computer and it is easy to transfer your books from the computer to the device.  This is a great item to have with you!


Troy, NC


Children Love Reading More With Sony EBook


My children were give the Sony E-reader last Christmas and sadly did not take a liking to it immediately. They both love to read constantly, so this was surprising to us. What we have come to find out is that we did not know enough about this product so that they could enjoy it more. When we first received this product as a gift, we were under the impression that the books would cost an arm and a leg and we did not have the funds to buy book after book for the children to load onto the ebook.  They only had a couple of books to read due to price. After reaseraching throughout the year and hearing from others that have this product, we have found that we were wrong.  We have found many free books online that our children are able to read and enjoy. I can't say that it was Sony's fault for not giving us the informaiton about all the free books available or if we missed some fine print somewhere. Happy to say that the children have now been enjoying this product and it is like they got it a Christmas all over again. They are finally able to enjoy it and it is so easy that an 8 year old and 12 year old can use it with no problems.


Round Rock, TX


Most Thoughtful Gift Ever!


My husband bought me the Sony Reader PRS-505 and I absolutely love it! How many times have you been stuck somewhere (Dr's office) and didn't have anything to do? Not anymore! You can have tons of books at your fingertips. You can also listen to music alone or while reading, with headphones of course. Pictures are great on here as well. There's nothing about this book that I don't like. I highly recommend it to everyone. You can make the text small, medium or large. It's great for all ages. Recently I also purchased the cover/light combo for it. The light is brilliant! I can read without disturbing others with a light. As an avid reader, it truly was the most thoughtful gift ever.


Mcdonough, GA


A Must have for Book Fans


I bought this for my guy at christmas. It is his favorite gift. It is totally awesome. You are carrying a virtual library in a small compact manner. Features such as bookmark let you refer back to points of interest in your books. It also plays MP3s and has great graphics for pics. One of the best purchases ever.


Granite Falls, WA


My favorite new "toy!"


This was the best invention to come to my home since the cd player!  I am an avid reader that can read several books a week.  This device allows me to carry multiple books with me at all times without the bulk!  And it is tree-friendly as well!


Toms River, NJ


160 books in one small, lightweight, electronic wonder.


Going on vacation? Carrying 10-20 books? That was me. Not anymore. I carry all my books, up to 160 in my Sony Portable Reading System. It is the best thing since the computer. Easy to read font and zoom makes it easy on your eyes. Easy to use. Don't lug all the books around any longer. Purchase your Sony E-reader now. Say goodbye to your books and say hello to the one item that carries it all.


Bally, PA


Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-505

4.9 9