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Sony PlayStation Portable Console

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This product was a great fit at the time.


I purchased this game console back in 2009. It was a great fit for the children present at home. All good, except for the fact that the casing should've been stronger. Alumimium surroundings? Ease of Use The game console provided good handling and ease of use during game play. Nothing to go againt Durability Should've been stronger case




This is Great


I received the Sony PSP -2000 console as a gift from my girlfriend nearly 2 years ago. It was my only other portable gaming system besides the old school gameboys. The graphics for the PSP are amazing and it offers a wide variety of fun games. There are also other features on the PSP like the ability to listen to music, watch videos, and store pictures. Although the games don't have as much functions as the games for the regular systems, it is still fun to play. I also like the use of memory stick to store information. I like the design of the PSP with the glossy look and that it is slimmer than the regular one. I feel like the PSP slim is easy to break probably due to how light it feels. After 2 years of having it, the joystick on my PSP broke. It gets stuck to one side and I can't seem to fix it. Another drawback is that it seems to attract a lot of dust and the battery life tends to die down dramatically after a year's worth of game play.


Vestal, NY


just nice graphics


i feel that the psp has little to offer in terms of fun. it does go online but the navigation menus are quite cumbersome. i would like it if they made it more user friendly. i simply do not find it as fun as the nintendo ds. it is not very compact either. if it folded down it would be better. this day and agemany things that play games are very small, like cell phones. if this device wants to compete with the future devices that are out on the market or are yet to be released then it needs to come down in size. the size is just too big for a portable unit. the loading times take too long as well. the other thing is all the updates that must be downloaded. they take forever. i would recommend the nintendo ds over this. i own both and the ds is what i use more. this machine is not innovative at all. it is just a bunch of overused ideas crammed into one device. please do not buy this sony machine.


Boonsboro, MD


good portable unit


The Sony portable PSP 2000 console is very similar to Nintendo's DS console system in that it allows people to bring games with them wherever they go. Cell phones these days like apples iPhone and Google's android system allow people to gain on their cell phones in these games are rapidly. However, you cannot beat the standalone independent systems like Sony's PSP console system that is dedicated to gaming and gaming only. Form factor wise the Sony portable PSP 2000 console is very sleek and very well designed. The original Game Boy was clunky and fat and this is not the case with Sony's PSP. Rather, it is a very impressive unit that punches quite a punch. The PSP is great for those who travel a lot, I really recommend it if you're in the market for one.


Irvine, CA


fun console


Sony makes great products. I have the sony playstation 2 as well as the playstation 3. I also have the playstation portable PSP-2000. The thing that separates the playstation PSP from the 2 and 3 is that it is portable. Sure the graphics, which are really stellar, cannot match the PS3's performance. But, you get the advantage of playing games on the go, which is obviously something the Playstation 3 cannot do. There are a lot of titles for the playstation PSP and I feel that the screen is really crisp and vivid. The controls on the playstation PSP are well placed and I have no complaints about the screen or the buttons. I think also that the sony PSP has looks going for it. It definitely looks better than my DS Lite that I picked up not too long ago.


La Crescenta, CA


PSP cant be beat!!!


Wow why did I think I was just buying this PSP for my son??? Yea right, I didnt know anything about it but he soon taught me. I really didnt know this thing could do so much.!!! Its great wonderful and exciting all in one. I like the fact that you have the option to purchase games and also movies to watch on the unit. But you can also go online ("right there from the console") because you can get Wi Fi from any where. lol but you can down load movies and games. Some you have to pay for but let me tell you...there are so many free games i was just goin crazy!!! I swear that buying the psp was well worth every penny!!! Oh yea not to mention for those who would reathe listen to music on a mp3 or something...this right here will cover you on that too. You can download song after song after song....but ah ha!!! you can download videos too. lol theres so many features on this little gadget it will just keep the kids busy for hours.. lol or the parent for that matter!!!


Ogden, UT


PSP is one of the best portable devices


The PSP is one of the most versatile portable devices out there. Not only can you play games on the PSP (its primary function), you can also watch videos, listen to music, and browse the internet. It's pretty sleek and lightweight, which makes it convenient to carry around and use. The battery life is pretty average for a portable device with so many uses. The internet connectivity is a big plus because you can download demos from the Playstation Store and play them for as long as you want so if you can't afford to, you don't have to constantly buy games in order to put the PSP to good use. You can customize your PSP by downloading skins and themes (some are free) and the new PSP update includes a SenseMe channel. Depending on the kind of music you're listening to, the PSP can detect your mood and only play music of the same time. You don't have to use it to play your music; it's just there for you to use. Overall, the PSP is definitely worth the money.


Seattle, WA


It's an average portable system


I wouldn't recommend this over the Nintendo DS. There are too many problems with it. The battery life is low, it's bulky and doesn't have alot of quality games. If you want it for videos you could get a IPOD Touch or any smartphone. The battery won't last for more then 2 hours and that's only for the 2 months out of the box. For a portable system it's hard to carry around. You can't fit it in your pocket. The game library isn't that great. Nothing new worth getting has come out in awhile. It's not worth the price. Because of the bulky size it doesn't make a good MP3 player. You'll need to get a external memory stick for videos and music. The sound quality is ok and the video quality is great. The graphics are great. The Nintendo DS is alot better of a portable system. If your just looking for a portable game system that plays videos and music get a Nintendo DS and a smartphone instead. Cons: Low Battery, Not alot of games, Looks old after awhile, Expensive Pros: Good graphics, Plays videos and music,


New York, NY




The psp is amazing!!!! Really love the graphics, and sound! The only thing i dont like is, you must have a memory stick to be able to update, And download new content to your psp 2000! i think it should be like the ds, it saves to the system instead of having to spend your money on a useless memory card, that your going to need more of!!! But overall its good, Like i said great graphics and gameplay, I also love the online gameplay! I have Medal of honors Heros, and its amazing! I think they should make Call of duty black ops For the play station portable! i would definatly buy it haha, I think it could also in prove with the home menu, Its sort of crammed and not enough space for everything on there. And i would like it to have screenshot capabilty as well, Gread System Im honered to have it, Would reccomend to anyone who wants a new system that they can play anywhere!!! five Stars! Great great!!


Mcdonough, GA


PSP. A must have for any gamer


I absolutely love my psp. And not because of the psp exclusive games either! The games are ok, there have been some good ones like metal gear solid, god of war, final fantasy, etc, but I personally feel like it's lineup is beaten by the DS. The real strength of the DS IMO, is the homebrew and custom firmwares you can put it on it. it's more like a small computer than a simple handheld gaming syste. What can it do? it can play any movies or tv show you want. it can play any song or music file you want. You can view pictures, read books, and browse the web. But to me the best part is possibility of emulation. If you own original psx/nes/snes/genesis/gameboy/gameboy advance games and can back them up onto your computer, you can actually play them at full speed on your computer! I backed up my final fantasy 7 copy, and put it on my psp! for the rest of the week i was playing ff7 in the car, on the bus, on line, anywhere! It can take your retro games to a whole new level and so much more. I consider my psp one of my favorite and most important devices. get one!


Chester, NY


Sony PlayStation Portable Console

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