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Sony - PlayStation (80 GB) 1st Generation Game Console

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Still Ticking


We have had ours for at least 6 years and have never had an issue with it. We love that it plays the ps2 games and also dvds and blu-rays along with the ps3 games. My husband really loves the wireless controller because it allows him to sit on the other side of the room rather than sit in front of the tv because of the cord


Greenfield, IA


PS3 is beautiful for Blue Ray. Gaming not so much.


The graphics and game play are awesome, but the system and the games are still too expensive, even when bought used. Graphics Quality The graphics were crystal clear and visually astounding. Game Variety The games available for this system still does not compare to the Xbox 360, Wii or even the DS. Controller Comfort The controller is the typical Playstation controller. Ease of Use The menu screens were not as intuitive as those for the Xbox 360. It took a lot of searching to get to the options we wanted.


Unionville, NY


Where Have You Been All My Life!


I am a life long gamer, and the one thing that I have always struggled with was that for the money of *any* gaming console...that's all it ever did. played games. In the back of my mind I knew that the system I was about to take home had a shelf life. Sooner of later it would be obsolete, the support would slowly die off in favor of the next best thing, and the games...oh the money I had spent on the games. Enter the PlayStation 3. This is an entertainment tool, not just a gaming console, and I don't see me moving on for years to come. As a gaming system I am thrilled with the eye candy and involved gaming. I'm not beating these games in an afternoon disappointed with lack luster graphics and hum drum sound. I actually have something called 'fun'. How wonderful it is to sit down and have entertainment on demand. The games range from "E" for everyone to 'M' for mature. While I spend most of my time on the "E" side I like the idea that there are gaming companies that will not spoon feed me story lines. The system automatically saves your games, so there is never a need for external devices that can be misplaced. Most of the games are in a disc format **but! **and this is the part I love, there is the PSN. The Playstation Network allows you to download games that range from Free to about 20 bucks. Finished your favorite game? No problem, many downloads are available to give you extra content or even a few new novelties. Not sure about a game you see in the store, go home and download a demo and get a fee for it. The PSN empowers gamers to make more informed decisions and gives us more bang for our buck. Oh, and the greatest thing of all, the PSN is free, no charge to play games with friends from around the world Don't want to play a game? Just want to unwind and watch a good movie? The PlayStation 3 has got your back. The built in blu-ray player delivers, all the awesomeness of HD and even the convenience of playing other DVD formats. Looking to watch something new? Well Netflix can work through the PlayStation 3, giving you tons of movies that stream right from your console to your TV. Movie night just got a whole lot better. Have lots of friends that like to play? The PS3 can handle up to 8 controllers at one time, no wires, no mess. The wireless controllers have a powerful signal that can work from the back side of the room and the battery life is awesome. The system will warn you when a controller is running low on charge. Simply connect a USB charging cable and carry on, or turn the controller off to charge. Assign a new controller and continue your game like it never stopped. I can not go on about how wonderful this gaming system is. I sometimes have buyer's remorse from my more expensive electronic purchases, but not this one.


Salem, SC


Love my PS3


I bought my PS3 originally because I wanted a top of the line blu ray player and everywhere I looked the ratings for the PS3's blu ray were through the roof. I'm glad that I did buy this console, I've never been much of a "gamer" but there are some games that I enjoy playing and the graphics with this console are amazing. I'm not a huge fan of all the games costing quite a bit, but its understandable as Sony loses money on every PS3 they sell hoping to make it back on selling accessories and games. Of course the main reason I bought this was because of the blu ray player and I have zero complaints about the blu ray player. Its amazing, crisp and fast. Theres no lag when loading blu ray discs and zero skipping. If you are looking for a top of the line blu ray player with added perks buy this.


Buffalo, NY


PS3 2nd gen review


The ps3 is a great game system with many features ranging from games and movies to exploring the internet. The ps3 offers free PSN and you can also go and explore the internet for free and no hidden costs, and if you got wireless internet, the ps3 has wifi built in the console. Sony has built the ps3 with great hardware, that doesnt have much problems, so no need to go and fix it every year. Sadly the ps3 dosent have as much excluices as the xbox 360 but does still have some pretty good games. PSN might not be as good as xbox live but PSN is FREE!! even tho xbox live is only 60 bucks a year, you can now get a brand new game and not have to worry to get a new card. The does have some flaws as to it cant play ps2 games, which sucks so BAD, because it was the most thing i was looking for, since both my PlayStation2 broke but oh well The ps3 has a blu-ray player built in so you can watch all your blu-rays without having to buy a whole different play The ps3 has its ups and downs just like almost everyother console out there, but i would recommend this to anyone thanks for reading


Menifee, CA


One of the best versions of playstation!


I bought this almost four years ago. This is a great entertainment system. This version is one of the best because it contains four USB connections, can play majority playstation two games out there, and also looks amazing with that nice shiny black slick look instead of that small plan system that is out now. In general, a playstation three system can play blu-ray discs, movie, music, & picture files. You can also stream movie, music, & picture files through your computer. The playstation also supports several media cards to view your photo's and clips. The playstation can support up to 6 controllers wirelessly. You can also view news and weather world wide and can connect though friends using a virutal world and a virtual avatar. The graphics is amazing and the cell processor can handle so many things. This also has a built in wi-fi. Internet is free compared to XBOX Live. This system can also connect to facebook and also contains a internet browser. The problem with this system is that it is heavy and can heat up but there is a indicator if a playstation ever does heat up which is rare. Overall, this is one of the best entertainment systems out there, even though it is really pricy, it is worth it!


Carson, CA


Great family fun


We are a Playstation family. We have owned the original Playstation, the Playstation 2 and now the Playstation 3. It truely has gotten better with each version. This version has something for everyone in the family. The boys love to game on it, whether it be agaisnt each other or online opponents. If I did not set limits I fear they would be on this system all day long. As a family we use it to stream Netflix movies. This in itself has been well worth the investment. In addition we can also use it as a secondary DVD player for those nights when mom and dad want to watch one thing and the kids want to watch another. We have not tested the blu-ray capabilities yet. The only complaint I have goes back to us being a Playstation family and unfortunately the system we bought does not have backwards compatibility, which means we own many games we can no longer play since our previous systems have died, which is the reason we upgraded to begin with. Other than that, it is a system I would recommend.


Clio, MI


PS3 hours of fun


I love the fact that not only can you play games with the ps3 but you can also browse the internet watch movies but you can also load pictures and videos. This is basically another form of a computer but hooked up to the TV. It is lots of fun and good for everyone


Eudora, KS


Great console with many bonus features


It's rather difficult to categorize Sony Playstation 3. Yes, it is a game console. But at the same time , it does so much more. It is a DVD player, a blu-ray player,  3D blu-ray player,  media player and can function as a movie streaming device too! I have the Sony - PlayStation 3 (80 GB) 2nd Generation Game Console for 3 years now. Even today, I think my Sony - PlayStation 3 (80 GB) 2nd Generation Game Console is still a very up to date piece of technology. Thanks to the on going firmware update to keep this piece of hardware current. In terms of gaming, the graphics is still excellent on a Full HD TV. Yes, some people might say that PC games' graphics have already surpassed that of the PS3, but for a casual gamer like myself, the graphics quality on PS3 is already enough for me not to mention that gameplay is often more important than just graphics. I really like how sony added a lot of new features to PS3 over the years. There is Netflix streaming. Hulu is also watchable on PS3. And you can browse web and watch youtube. Just these features  can already replace the need for a Google TV. Also, PS3 can now play 3D Blu-Ray Disc. With so many features added to this console, this is one great investment in home AV equipment. The only complaint with this particular model is the heating issue as well as the high current it draws when in operation.


San Diego, CA


The Best Console of the Generation


Shortly after Christmas 2010 I bought a PS3 and I now own all three of this generation's consoles. I can say with confidence that while each console has its own pros and cons, Sony's Playstation 3 is a true winner. After upgrading our television I was dying to buy a blu-ray player to see pure 1080p video. Since both my wife and I love games, we decided that spending the money on a standalone blu-ray player would be silly considering the built-in functionality of the PS3. Blu-ray playback is everything we expected... absolutely beautiful! Make sure you use an HDMI cable on a 1080p TV for the best movie and gaming experience. With a great catalog of games and tons of amazing exclusives, every gamer should own a PS3. The graphics are absolutely incredible. In our house, the PS3 sits front and center under our TV -- it's been a very welcome addition to our family. It's so much more than a gaming machine with internet browsing, video streaming, and much more. We love it.


Waynesville, OH


Sony - PlayStation (80 GB) 1st Generation Game Console

4.6 124