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Sony - PlayStation 3 (40 GB) Game Console

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Great picture and fat speeds!


This product is great! I've always been a Sony person, and their products do not ever disappoint me. My Playstation 3 still runs great and never freezes up on me, making me restart it. It's quick and easy to connect to the internet and the game quality is also very good. The picture is clear. Game Variety I love the game options for Playstation, Ratchet and Clank is one of my favorites!




The PS3 only does everything!


The Playstation 3 system had a rough start when it first came out, just like every other video game system. However, the system is finally picking up speed and gaining the attention that it deserves. The Playstation 3 system has the best and most highest rated exclusives on a system. With games like Little big Planet, Infamous, Twisted Metal, Metal Gear Solid, Resistance, Heavy Rain, and Killzone, the Playstation 3 system features some of the best games available. The system is also quiet when it is running and I barely notice that it is on. It is so quiet that sometimes I forget to turn it off. Another plus for the system is that it can play blu-ray movies. The system also has built in wi-fi so it is easy to connect to the internet for online play. Speaking of online play, the Playstation Online Network is free and works great. The Playstation 3 System is a great console overall and is definitely worth it now that the price has gone down.


East Hartford, CT


Great Gift


I got this as a birthday gift 2 years ago from my husband. An I just love it. The games play great,we watch blu ray and redbox in it all the time. For the money you can't beat it. We also have the origanal ps3 with the 4 palyer out put. Works the same. I have this one in our bedroom.


Cranston, RI


Sony PlayStation 3 is fun!!


My husband has always been a playstation guy. He has graduated from playstation 1 to the play station 2 and now to the playstation 3. This one is by far his favorite. He loves the games available for the PS3 although Tiger Woods golf is still his favorite. And for Chirstmas he recieved the Move that was made for the PS3. My favorite part is the fact that it is also a blu ray player. We also have a Sony Bravia TV so the movies and games played on the PS3 have a fantastic quality. You can also go online with the system and it plays CD's. Some have complained that the system only lasted a year or so and they have problems with the network going down. We have had no such problems. He has owned his for over two years and it still works as well as when first purchased. Another complaint some have is the price of all the "extras" like games and controllers. Which ever system you purchase you will have these issues. So I do not consider that a bad aspect of the system. Overall it is a great system!


Gastonia, NC


I love this system!


We got the Playstation 3 a couple of years ago. This system is the most awesome thing that Sony could come up with! Not only does it have a large hard drive and the ability to play games with really great graphics but the wireless internet and the blu ray player really tops it off. The blu ray player also converts regular dvds to 1080p and does a very good job. The wireless remotes are nice as well and does keep battery life for quite a while. It's easy to charge them with the cables that come with the playstation. You can go to the Playstation Network and download demos of games or even buy them You can play with your friends online using the wireless internet. Also netflix is the greatest part as well. You can log on to your netflix account for free on this console and play any watch instantly movie on there and it does upconvert the netflix movies. This has definitely been the best console I have every owned and don't know how sony will up this one.


Clearfield, UT


Multifuntion Console


The Sony Playstation 3 was a great purchase for our household. There are many uses to this. At first my wife was not really excited about spending as much money for it but eventually she came around. I'm glad she did. We use the Playstation for more movie watching nowadays than we do for playing games. It's great because it has a blue ray player in it, and since we just bought a new HD TV we can really see the difference between the blue ray player in the PS3 than with the DVD player and regular dvds. It also has built in WiFi so we are able to watch youtube, hulu, and other tv watching programs on the internet on the tv (this way we don't have to look at a little computer screen). We can even watch our netflix right from the PS3. It's very fuctional. Also, we can't forget the awesome games that come with the PS3. They have great games and great graphics, and great game selections. It also has some PS2 games that works with it, but not all, but that's not a horrible thing in my mind. The PS3 games are much better!


Pocatello, ID


Great console


It took me a while to finally buy a PS3 because I already had a Wii and I was more into Nintendo games.  I finally bought a PS3 because I wanted to play Final Fantasy 13.  I really love this console.  I have the normal fat version but it doesn't matter too much to me because I really just wanted to play PS3 games.  I love the graphics I mean some games are just jawdropping (like God of War 3).  I really like how the controllers are wireless and rechargeable so you don't have to keep buying battries like the Wii and I like how the interface is very similar to the PSP's.  Even the music and soundeffects are the same/similar.  The only issue I had was there was a couple of times when my PS3 didn't read the Blu Ray disc.  It only happened twice and it seems to have gone away.  Also somtimes some PS3's have issues with certain routers so I had so much trouble getting online.  I often got cut off while downloading the demos.  I got a new gaming router and it fixed that problem.  The PS3 has tons of awesome games and if you are a serious gamer, you should defintley own this system.


Davis, CA


The PS3 is amazing....just wish it had a larger hard drive.


Sony did a great job with the Playstation 3. Initially, the system was too expensive for most, but now that the price has come down, it is very affordable. My biggest complaint, at least with my version (the 40 gb) is that there is not nearly enough hard drive space to hold all the video games. The playstation is a great investment because of the built in blu ray player and very powerful processor. The game lineup is spectactular, especially the PS3 exclusives, such as the Uncharted series, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Heavy Rain and Killzone (just to name a few). There is virtually a game for everyone out there. Also, the release of the playstation move is great, as the system is now fun to play with the whole family. I have never had any problems with my system since I got it. Also, the free playstation network is a huge bonus, and although it may not be as populated as the Xbox network, it is of very high quality, and never costs anything.


Austin, TX


Cheaper Ps3


This is when they decided to gut some stuff to make the ps3 cheaper. They removed the chrome and also took out the backwards compatiability.. Still a great console that plays blu-ray movies and games, Hdd will need to be upgraded, you will run out of space in no time..


Pine Bluff, AR


Good playstation!!


I bought this for 400 bucks and i didnt have any problems with it ever and its good you can play games on it and the online is free and you can download demos and games.The online works fine even though its free it doesn't  have problems. If you want a gaming system the PlayStation 3 40gb is awesome if you want to play hd games or watch hd bluray movies and you can download movies to.I had to pay 400 bucks for mine but it is worth it and the play station is slimmer and it cost less now. The wifi is very nice and i have not had a problem with it yet and its is also very fast.The games have very good graphics so if you want to play a game with good graphics a PlayStation 40gb would be just for that and the blu ray is also awesome. It has a disc tray that just sucks in the disks you want to use and the PlayStation has a lot of games that came out for it and it also has a lot of games that are only made for play station.


Levittown, PA


Sony - PlayStation 3 (40 GB) Game Console

4.5 19