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Sony PlayStation 2 Black Console

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Will always be a fan!


The graphics for the system are incredible considering how old the PlayStation 2 truly is. In fact the quality of this system is part of what has made me continue to buy PlayStation devices over other systems. If your looking for a good family friendly system for your children this would be a GREAT place to start! Graphics Quality As with most Sony products the graphics are wonderful! Game Variety You can play everything on this system from fantasy games to airplane games if you want variety in your games then the PlayStation 2 is where it's at! Controller Comfort I love the feel of this controller, its not too big, not too small and its comfortable so your hands don't cramp up. Ease of Use very simple to use! Durability has lasted us some time and its a wonderful device would recommend this for anyone with kids who tend to have clumsy moments or adults who tend to be clumsy too! This system can take being tripped over a time or two or two! I thought I killed it for sure the last time I tripped myself on it, but it works like a charm still! Truly obvious that Sony makes good quality products!



Teenage daughter absolutely loves this.


She can play it anywhere she wants She can move it from TV to TV without a problem. She absolutely loves playing it and can keep playing it for hours. She can get used games or new games and there are hundreds to choose from. Can't get enough of this game. Graphics Quality The graphics are excellent. Game Variety My younger kids can play this as well, but my older daughter plays this the most. Controller Comfort Very easy to maneuver the buttons and sits nicely in their hands. Ease of Use Very easy to use and very flexible. Durability My daughter takes it everywhere.

Steger, IL


Sony PlayStation 2 Black Console

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