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Sony PC Notebook

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Will never choose another brand!! Sony Vaio Rocks!


This was my very first laptop I've ever purchased.  I did not skimp on the price either.  I must say there are plenty of other less expensive brand laptops out there, but, I opted to go with the brand name that I knew the most.  I wanted something I knew had outstanding workmanship and quality.  Sony is my brand of choice. When I first started looking into purchasing a laptop, I needed something that was going to have ample amount of harddrive space, RAM, speed and of course good looks!  I found the Sony Vaio to have everything I needed at a very decent price.  I purchased my Sony Vaio in April, 2008 and I have had no issues with the functionality of the computer at all. I do have to complain a bit about the battery life that it came with, as the 6-cell battery has never held a charge for more than 10 minutes.  I always have to have my power supply plugged into it, but I do believe if I were to just replace the battery, that problem will be fixed. The screen size on this is a 15" and the weight is OK.  It does get a little hot on the lap, however, an easy remedy is a portable laptop cooler (which I will be reviewing), by Targus.  All you do is plus it into the multiple USB ports in the laptop, and it powers the fan which keeps the laptop cool. It comes standard with a cd/dvd player and 3 usb ports. There is a printer port, an S video port, and the multi sd card reader is top notch.  I have almost used up all my hard drive space on here, so I am currently in the market for a new laptop as I need to upgrade anyways, and you know my first choice will be Sony Vaio.

Lathrop, CA


Sony PC Notebook

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