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Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

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The Sony Noise Canceling Headphones work well on Planes


I bought a pair of Sony Noise Canceling headphones in advance of an airplane trip. They did a decent job of reducing the airplane noise Sound Quality They did a decent job of reducing external noise, basically by creating a low-level hum that made it much less noticeable. However, once the external noise source is gone, the hum remains. So, without any noise to cancel, these head phones do not osund as good as good headphones without the noise canceling feature. Comfort These headphones were decently comfortable. In use, I've had them on for up to 2 hours without a problem Design they do what they are supposed to do Durability They seem to be very well built. There have been no issues so far.

Skokie, IL


Comfortable, great sound, shuts out the world around me


I've owned Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones for years now. For the price, they're among the best in their category. You might be able to get a bit higher sound quality by going with Bose, but that's if you have the dough to spend. These have a comfortable foam padding that encases my ear so that I can't hear what's going on even in the same room. I slip these on and escape into another world of music. If there are any cons, they are: it's impossible for me to fall asleep listening to music because these are a bit bulky and stick out over the ears (not slim), and sometimes I wish the cord that came with it were longer so I didn't have to buy a separate extension cord. However, the cord is worth it, and I don't have to sleep with these things on. Nothing lost.



Amazing Headphones!


The Sony General Noise Cancelling Headphones are Awesome! Wether your a Music lover or just trying to drown the sound of annoyances, these headphones are for everyone. The sound Quality is great. There is a switch on the headphones that if you turn it on then it makes the headphones sound great. The way these headphones were designed is great becuase it comes with it's own traveling case that makes these headphones great for travel and easy to access, because the case is small and compact. If you put the headphones on without any music and you speak or even yell you can barely even hear yourself talk. The reason these headphones are so great in public is because when your listening to music you can't hear anyone else but, no one else can hear your music either. The only bad things about these headphones are the fact that after a while of listening to HD music your ears begin to itch because of the speaker cushions, and they slip off easily.

Houston, TX


Decent Headphones


These headphones sound great but they are bulky and do not travel well.  I would not recommend them for a traveller or for a commuter as they are so  bulky.  The noise cancelling portion is what makes them to bulky and hard to use.  On the reverse the headphones themselves stay in your ears pretty well.   There is also a battery that is needed and of course not included.

Shrewsbury, MA


Good sound without outside noises


My wife and I take our Sony Noise Canceling headphones whenever we go on vacation. With an iPod and splitter, we connect with each other as we listen to our favorite tunes. While avoiding the roar of jet engines or loud people at the pool of our favorite resorts, we get totally relaxed. The quality of the sound is good but the selling point was the price. Compared to other similar products, you can get better quality but at a much higher cost, about 5 to 6 times the price. The only downside I found was ear fatigue from the constant pressing.

Kissimmee, FL


Average set of headphones


Sony's Noise Cancelling Headphones are a middle of the road product that really doesn't outperform its competitors by much other than its lower price. The headphones are battery-powered and generate negative sound waves that counteract noises in the environment, but the effect is more like having your music cushioned on a thin layer of white noise. The headphones can get hot after a while, since they sit right on your ears and act pretty much like a pair of earmuffs-- good for cold winter days, at least. The noise-cancelling effect it promises really aren't worth the money, though, and you're better off paying a bit more for superior sound quality. These are a decent pair. Not so bad, but not great, either.

Tempe, AZ


Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

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