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Portable Car GPS
Sony NAV-U NV-U83T Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

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Sony NV-U83T So Much Potential...So Little Delivered...


This was one of Sony's few attempt into the GPS market and it provided reasons why Sony got out the way they did. From looking at the specs, you could not but be amazed by the features that were offerred. There's the goregous 4.8" wide display, bluetooth communication, gesture command, position plus, and dual view 3d junction guide. On top of that, the NV-U83 provided clear, loud voice from its TTS. So what's wrong you may asked? Well the gesture command did not work on my model. Try several command but none worked whatsoever. The 4.8 screen is great, but it just eating up the battery like crazy. However, the main con was lag in software response and time it takes for the satellite to pick up signal. It's slow, really slow. Sure you can have all the fancy features but if your GPS don't pick up signal, then what good is a gps used for? That folks, is unfortunately what this GPS represented...a failure of Sony to deliver in its purpose.

Houston, TX


Sony NAV-U NV-U83T Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

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