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Sony NAV-U NV-U73T Portable GPS Navigator

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A marriage saver!


Thank goodness for this Sony Nav-U GPS unit!  My husband and I buy and sell antiques and collectibles, and to restock our inventory, we frequently go to early morning estate sales and auctions in areas that we are not familiar with.  We program in our destination and let it do the talking.  No more "But that's what the map said!"  It makes finding places in the early (dark) morning much easier. On the minus side, the "Super Suction Cup" is not so super.  If you have a textured finish to your car dash, it won't stay put like it should. But I would not give up this GPS unit (unless I found something that was a lot, lot better).

Durham, NC


Sony NV-U73T is dependable and accurate.


Satellite acquisition is near instant, and route calculation is fast. It is accurate and the lane advisor is a big help in WV where lanes just disappear.  Route selection isn't perfect but it's quick to recalculate if you go off course.  The screen is sharp and bright and the sound is clear and easy to understand.  Over all I've found it invaluable.  Very user friendly.

Farmington, WV


Sony NAV-U NV-U73T Portable GPS Navigator

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