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Sony MDR-RF960R Wireless Headphones

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Wireless coverage is great. Sound is just OK.


These are a mixed bag for me. I'm not a big fan of them, but my husband loves them, so I'm giving them a 3 for average. Hubby loves them because he can walk all over the house still wearing these and not miss a moment of dialogue or commentary on what he's watching. The wireless coverage is great, and it didn't take all that long to set up in the first place. My issue comes with the sound quality. I'm a bit of a purist, and I don't like how even the best setting (you have to tune it to an 'optimal frequency') still comes with a bit of static fuzz through the speakers. It's really distracting for me, and I'd rather listen through the TV. One thing I like is the power-save function of the headband. It looks like it has 2 headbands at first, but the little inner one stretches to fit, and when it stretches, it automatically turns on. When you take the headphones off, the headband retracts back to normal and shuts itself off after a while. Another con -- these take a while to charge, so plan ahead if you need them for a specific time or day. We got this to work with a Samsung TV as well as a PS3.




Good Wireless Headphones


These headphones are excellent for watching tv, movies, or with your computer or video game console. Sound Quality I would say it is good for most people and most typical applications. If you are an audiophile who is listening to music you may be disappointed. Comfort It is comfortable to wear for a few hours. Design Simple design. Automatically turns on when you place it on your head. Sometimes will switch off inconveniently when you are wearing it. For example if you are wearing the headphones and you lean against a pillow or headrest it might turn off. Durability After 4 years of use no problems.


Patchogue, NY


Sony MDR-RF960R Wireless Headphones

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