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Sony - KDL- in. LCD TV

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Sony KDL-60EX500 is big screen LCD awesomeness


I've had my Sony KDL-60EX500 for about 6 months now and it is completely amazing.  I previously had a 60" Sony SXRD with the notorious optical block problem.  I loved that TV but inevitably, it started showing the optical block problem so it had to go.  I was skeptical about moving to LCD because I like vibrant, sharp, and clean images especially in motion.  I got the Sony KDL-60EX500 and have never looked back.  The picture quality is simply amazing and I love the light sensor that adjusts to the amount of light in the room.  One of the SXRDs weak points was the brightness, and that is completely a non-issue with the Sony KDL-60EX500.  I have traditionally viewed Sony as overpriced for what you get, but with this TV, I believe you actually get one of the best values in large LCDs.  The Bravia engine is wonderful and the menu interface is very slick too.  I know some of the newer LCDs have built in internet connectivity for Netflix streaming, etc. but I have a PS3, so that was also a non factor.  By the way, playing PS3 on this is totally epic.  I have only good things to say about this TV and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great TV at a good price. 


Houston, TX


Beautiful Picture


We LOVE our Sony.  This television is amazing and well worth the money.  The picture quality is top notch.  It does not glare, has great color and quality and tons of great features.  Such a great investment that we are glad we made.


West Jordan, UT


This TV is so easy to use, and delivers quality everytime!


I had recently purchased this television and had a few doubts because I had never owned a Sony TV.  I was pleased from the second I turned it on.  The picture is bright and vibrant from nearly any angle.  If it is too bright, sony offers menu features to adjust picture levels to adjust to room lighting.  Despite the large size, this TV keeps up with fast motion, and does not blur too much.  The thin profile and light weight made it easy for me to mount on my wall.  I have noticed a few negative things while using this TV.  It does not offer as many picture in picture settings as some of my older big screen TVs did.  If you like to watch sports, PIP is a must have to keep up with seperate scores.  I have also noticed that the speakers on the TV are relatively weak.  many people probably won't even need them because of home theater systems, but if you plan to use the speakers, don't put it in a big room.  Overall I really like this TV.  It is incredibly easy to use, and offers a bright picture.


Saint Cloud, MN


Sony - KDL- in. LCD TV

5.0 3