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Sony KDL- TV

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This Sony TV is ok, but there are better ones out there.


I would prefer a LED-backlit instead of this TV, but at the timeI bought it last year, LED-LCD tvs were still too expensive. After 5 months of use, there's black "burn-in" spot near the bottom of the screen already. It could be just a bad unit, but I'm not too pleased. Other than this little mishap, the overall TV is pretty decent, especially with high definition. The quality of high definition is amazing compared to standard definition. Standard definition is more blurry showing on this tv and I would prefer another TV set that does both correctly. It really doesn't matter what brand it is, but any decent brand that have decent video quality for both high definition and standard definition will do.  I rather watch good quality films on a cheap brand TV than watching some blurry scenes on this Sony TV, but I would still recommend to people who are looking for a decently priced older generation TV.


San Gabriel, CA


Sony delivers another great TV


My step dad recently bought this TV and I am the main person to use it.  First off, make sure the TV is the right size of the room, since this is a 46" TV, it should be for about a 6 foot deep room, so go larger if you have further viewing distances.  Overall though, this TV is beautiful.  Everything is clear, crisp, and is amazing with HD and Blu-ray feeding it signal.  It has tons of inputs, so there's never a need to have to switch cables in the back of it, and it mounts beautifully on the wall.  I has worked flawlessly as well with the Logitech Harmony universal remote we have as well as with the Onkyo receiver we have hooked up to it.  The first flaw that I saw was the edges of the TV show fingerprints very easily, so you find yourself wiping down the edges because the TV is so beautiful and you don't want to see these fingerprints marring the display.  Another flaw is the input lag that all LCD TVs have, but this is more than what is acceptable for gamers.  Do not get this mixed up with response time that a lot of manufacturers advertise, if you're a gamer research input lag before buying any LCD TV.


Anaheim, CA


Good TV


After having an old boxy regular big screen television, i realized it was time to upgrade my family to a new lcd television.  After a lot of time researching televisions based on price and quality, i bought this sony bravia which came with a free ps3 and some games at best buy for around 1000 and i am very satisfied with the television.  The high definition television has a resolution of 1080p with 120 hz refresh rate.  The television has many hdmi ports and has streaming video capilities.  The television picture quality is excellent with great color and saturation.  Watching blu ray movies with the ps3 fully utilizes all of its great picture and is amazing watching movies on it.  Incorporate a sound system with it and you're pretty much at the movies with an amazing picture quality.  I'd say based on the price and picture, it is a great deal.  The television also has other different settings that you can set the television to based on what you're watching.  I'd definitely reccomend it. 


Anaheim, CA


Sony KDL- TV

3.7 3