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Sony - KDL- 52 in. HDTV TV

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Great picture quality but a little pricey


I have had this 52 inch LCD TV for a year now and I have no complaints with it. I bought it for my parents and they really enjoy it for watching soap operas and regular TV shows. The display provides very good picture and audio quality, as expected since it is a Sony, with its vibrant hues and crisp sounds. It also has the patented Sony Motion-Flow technology which is basically a euphemism for the 120 Hz refresh rate. This really adds to the visual experience when watching sports and live shows; however, when it is activated while watching normal movies and shows, it gives a "soap-opera" effect in which scenes and movements feel too fluid that feels a little awkward. The display also comes with several HDMI and USB ports to connect various accessories and hard drives to. I connected my Xbox 360 to it and the visuals are quite breath-taking. It's really quite different going from a 32 inch to a 52 inch, because now the former feels dinky in comparison when I watch it. Unless you purchase it while it's on sale, it is a little pricey, so I would wait until there are deals for it.


Sugar Land, TX


Awesome Picture Quality and Lots of Features


I've had this television for over a year now and I have been absolutely satisfied with it. The menu uses the XMB interface, which I think is the best available for media management. In addition, the TV easily hooks into our wireless network and serves up many popular Internet streaming audio and video solutions, like YouTube. Sony is great about providing regular firmware updates, so I can be sure that my TV's Internet content will not get stale for some time. In terms of picture quality, this TV provides some of the best that I've seen. The blacks are excellent and it excels for high-motion events like sports. Blu-ray 1080p movies look excellent, and the colors are incredible. In the past, I have needed to calibrate my HDTVs quite a bit, but this one was well-configured out of the box. Sony's attention to detail with this model is quite staggering. Overall, you can't go wrong with this model, especially at its current price point.


Sunnyvale, CA


I can't believe my tv is this good!!


When I was shopping I was honestly going to select a cheaper brand.  But instead I put a few hundred extra bucks out to buy this sony and I am SO GLAD I DID!  I never really bought any Sony products before but now it is all I will ever buy.  My favorite things are that this tv is so user friendly and the manual is in the tv sofware!  Also I am so happy with the picture quality. I am glad that it has a tempered glass casing on the front screen because a few day after I bought it my daughter (4) accidently threw a ball at it and it didnt break.  If I would of bought the cheaper on I was looking at I wouldnt have a working tv right now!  I am glad I spent the extra money because you cannot put a price on quality stuff and the reliability that comes with it!!!  So happy with my Bravia:)


Springville, UT


I'm glad I purchased this TV, it is great!


This TV is great. It was purchased as a combo plan with the receiver and blu-ray all-in-one. Very happy with the purchase because you can synchronize all three together as part of the SONY software. The picture is crystal clear and with 240HZ picture, there is no pixel effects that occur. The TV has different modes for sports, movies, etc which is also great. The only bad thing is the black refresh rate isn't all that quick, so if a dark picture does occur during a show, you might see some pixeling occur. It is not that bad, and the TV is still worth every penny!


Cincinnati, OH


The Sony XBR9 has an amazing picture, makes tv really come alive


We recently purchased this tv for our family room after having bought a 40 inch sony bravia tv last spring for our living room. We had been pleased with that tv, so we figured this would be even better. We were right, it is an amazing tv. The colors and picture are just incredible. No matter how you use it, it looks great. We have used ours with video game systems (ps3, wii, xbox 360), blu-ray, and hd satellite tv. I have not been disappointed when using it with any of these things. Setup was a snap, just pull it out of the box, plug it in and go. On screen setup is easy to navigate through and does not take long. There are 4 HDMI inputs which are plenty for what we wanted to hook up to the television. There are some functions that we haven't played with yet (internet, etc) but are looking forward to using. And the tv is much lighter in weight than the 32 inch sony wega beast we used to have! No regrets, we are really happy with the XBR9.


Zimmerman, MN


Sony - KDL- 52 in. HDTV TV

4.8 5