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Sony - KDL-4 40 in. LCD TV

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I love this tv - i have been in college for the past couple of years and had the old CRT 19" tv. I have always wanted to go for an HDTV and this one doesnt fail to disappoint at all. I watch all the HD channels and the picture quality is amazing. I also have the 5.1 surrond sound system (from sony) and the whole package/sound is excellent. In fact when i have animal planet on in HD - my dogs have a party time -they sniff all aroud the tv to make sure the animal they just saw didnt run off!!!


West Dundee, IL


This 46 in. Sony LED TV is a great tv!


This TV is a great new addition to our living room.  It works wonderfully, the picture is amazing, and it is priced very well for such a big tv too.  The Sony 46" LED TV is a great purchase for anyone who's looking for a good quality TV that's doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get.  Something that I like about the size of the TV is that it is a perfect size for most people's size of livingroom.  It's not monstrously big, but it's definitely not small.  The only thing that bothers me about this TV is that it's quite difficult to clean the fingerprints and dust from the front of it.  Once you accidentally touch the front of it with the brush of a finger, it is a pain in the butt to try and get that one mark off of the TV screen.  Besides that, there's really nothing that I don't like about this product.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's out there looking for a quality TV that is priced decent, and not too monstrous.


Canton, SD


I love my Sony Bravia TV


I waited a few years to upgrade to a new television.  I read reviews of other manufacturers, before deciding to go with a Sony. There are so many option out there and it can be quite confusing.  When I started searching by price and options, I could not find a better deal for my purchase of this Sony Bravia television.  It was extremely easy to set up, even for me.  I had it connected to the cable, stereo system and the internet within 30 minutes.  I had also purchased the Sony UWA-BR100 for wireless connectivity.  I then went to exploring my options on screen, and was hooked up with the waiting upgrades via wi-fi for my Sony Blu Ray player.  I was then signed in to my Pandora account within 5 minutes.  I am absolutely amazed at all of my options with this particular television.  The picture is so sharp!  It is a well known brand, and for the price as well and how thin and how lightweight it is, I could not have done better.  I am now enjoying many of the other options, such as accessing my netflix account for instant movies!  For all of the options of online programming available to me thru this television, and for the great price of this unit, I know without a doubt that I have made a great decision in going with a Sony.  It was well worth my wait to find this particular model.


Dothan, AL


love it!


This TV by far is perfect. I have it hanging up on the wall in my bedroom. It has no issues with sunlight and its as crisp as can be. I have a Blue Ray Sony DVD and sound bar combo with it. The normal speakers are good enough, but if you want to add to your setup it is well worth it. The TV is as light as can be as well. The wall mount i bought needed shorter screws as the TV did not come with the right ones.


Orland Park, IL


Love our Sony LCD TV


My husband and I asked for a new flat screen TV for Christmas a couple of years ago.  As is in our nature, we did a lot of research before settling on the Sony 40 inch LCD TV. We decided to go with Sony because they have top of the line televisions that are known to last forever and have great warranties. We decided on the 40 inch based on the distance from the couch to the TV - that's a very important part.  And we chose the model because it looked amazing in stores.  At the time being there was a really good deal on the TV as well. We are so happy with our purchase. The picture is crystal clear.  We have HD cable box from Comcast and the HD chanells on this TV look incredible.  You can see every last hair and every single wrinkle.  We also have a Blu Ray player which with this television is amazing.  Even non HD movies on this television come in so crystal clear that you wonder whether it is HD or not. It has a lot of input cables which is great for us since we have a Blu Ray player, a laptop we hook up (it has all the hook ups for video and audio for laptop), a Wii, and a cable box.  And we still have empty jacks if we want to add some more electronics to our household.   We're incredibly happy with our purchase and would do it all over again.


Madison, CT


This Sony LCD 40 inch TV is outstanding!


I purchased my **Sony - KDL-40S4100 40 in. LCD TV about a month ago and all I can say is WOW! It is outstanding in performance, quality and the picture is vibrant and sharp! I like the cool features like clear glass on the frame for effect. It comes with 3 HDMI ports and plenty of others to hook up everything from Blu-ray and DVD players to a personal computer. It comes with a very sturdy base and is stable when moving to install plugins or to reposition. The easy to use remote control guides you effortlessly through multiple screens to change settings or to program channels. This TV has buttons on top to use when you'd rather not use the remote. The sound is pleasant, even when turned up really high. Some lesser quality HDTV's come with really terrible speakers, but not this baby. You don't need to hook up a surround sound system. But, if you choose to, I can only imagine how awesome that will make your movie watching experience!  **


Alto, MI


I love this TV


This is a great TV for our main room.  It has a fantastic picture (I LOVE the LED).  It's so bright and the colors are very vibrant.  There are a lot of features that either we haven't figured out how to use or have been unable to use thusfar, but I'd definitely reccomend it.


Puyallup, WA


The Sony Bravia KDL-40S4100 is a solid TV with great picture!


My husband and I researched TV's for more than a year before buying the Sony Bravia KDL-40S4100 40 inch LCD TV. We love it! The picture quality is great and the sound is great. The brand is a little pricey, but I think it's because the brand is so good. We were going to go with another brand in the store, but chose the Sony because it just looked better. Overall we've loved our experience with this TV. We woulc highly recommend it to others.


Huntsville, AL


The KDL-40S4100 is a great entry-level HDTV


The Sony KDL-S4100 is a great entry-level HDTV for many reasons. #1 It is very affordable #2 It is very user-friendly. The s4100 is, right now, somewhat obsolete if you are looking for anything that is near the top 3/4ths of HDTV. It definitely is aged compared to the newer LED and 3D tvs. It has great sound for TV speakers. The 1080p/24p cinema mode is definitely a great feature on this TV. I know of many other tvs that are more expensive and do not have this feature. Pros: Deep blacks, good power saving options Cons: 60 Hz is virtually obsolete in tvs of this size, takes time for the input selections sound to turn on.


Phoenixville, PA


Sony Bravia LCD TV - BEST LCD for its price!


The Sony Bravia has to be one of the greater LCD televisions created. I have another flat screen but I'd prefer to use the Bravia. When I play my XBOX 360 the grahpics looks stunning. It picked up digital channels very good unlike my other flat screen. The sound is good, I really don't even need surround sound. That part will surprise you. I'd recommend this television to anyone. I still haven't even used other sony products with it like the internet device that lets you connect it online.


Columbus, OH


Sony - KDL-4 40 in. LCD TV

4.9 13