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Sony - KDF46E2000 46 in. HDTV Television

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best smart tv at all


i like this smart television.it is very good at home or at rooms.it contain a lot of option.all was from latest.very modern.i like watching tv in this samsung tv because the image is very pureand great to see it.i like playing games using this tv like gta 5 and battle field and assassin creed and others games.i like too using internet in this tv.is incroyable and very splended.i like show videos in this tv is very high quality and full resoulution.i like also watching my favorite programmes in this tv like top gear and champions leage and many movies.i like in other way connecting this tv to the computer and show how amazing the control in it.and i like use this tv like a screen for my computer.it is very awesome.and i like listenning music according this tv.the sound is very pure and smart.in other way it is very simple to the use.and his price not much att all.any personne can get it and buy it.makesure when you buy this tv and use it never regret att all.ilike this tv so much.it is very good and it was a nice and durable and clear sound and attractive design and full energy and clear picture and easy to set up and easy control.i want this tv a lot.

chlef algeria


One of the BEST TV's on the market!


This is a wonderful LCD television with the Sony Bravia engine and is HD ready. The picture makes you feel that you can reach out and touch the people in the television. Sony is the top of the electronic line to me and I have never owned one of their products that I have not been satisfied with.

Wilmington, NC


One of the best investments I have ever made!


         I shopped for well over a year to find a T.V. and to know all there was to know about the new T.V. world with HDTV and the new technology that is with them.  One thing I can well inform you about is that T.Vs depreciate on an average of 20-30 percent per year. AS I shopped for this T.V. I noticed that the reviews over time still were the best and the competors always came in second place.             As time past after my purchase I have been more and more excited about what a purchase I have made. This T.V. has one of the best pictures that is out! The price for it is right in the middle of the market and unless you are just wanting to spend to get a larger screen I really cant say there is any different TV you should buy. There are so many inputs that you can virtually run as many things as you want. 7 inputs, 2 HDMI, and is completly user friendly when it comes to setting it up and using it!

Raymore, MO


Sony - KDF46E2000 46 in. HDTV Television

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