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Sony In-ear Headphones

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Very good earbuds.


These earbuds are very high quality. Definitely worth the money. I would look around and find the best price before buying. I usually prefer over the ear headphones but use these earbuds to exercise and do yardwork. I really find these ear buds to fill this role quite nicely. The sound quality is very good as well. I am not an expert but I really enjoy the sound quality these ear buds provide. Sound Quality The sound quality of these earbuds are pretty good. I usually prefer over the ear headphones. These earbuds are the ones I use when doing exercise or other activities that make over the ear headphones uncomfortable. The sound quality for these activities is perfect. Comfort These earbuds are very comfortable. Most earbuds hurt the inside of my ears when i wear them. I did not find this problem with these earbuds. Design These earbuds are pretty comfortable. There is only so much you can do in an earbud design but the did focus on the things they could to make their earbuds attractive. Durability These earbuds seem to be very durable and able to stand up to exercise and other intense activities.



headphones are not for children


We don't think about our children's health.  Children should not run around with head phones on they don't know when it is to loud. Thats why when they become adults they can.t hear. parents can't always be there to tell them to turn it down. now they have these tiny headphones that go in there ear how is that any better lets stick the loud sound closer to the ear drum that sounds smart.  The music and speaker industry's must work for ear doctors.

New London, OH


Sony Ear Buds Are The Way To Go!


Sony Ear Buds are definitely the way to go! I would highly recommend them. Sony has a wide variety of earbuds of varying prices, but I have found a relatively inexspensive pair that has blown me away. The sound quality is great, first and foremost. The buds stay firmly in my ears without hurting even during intense training efforts. The cord is pretty sturdy and super durable! I have had mine for a few months now and there is no signs of wear and they feel like they will be good to go for quite a while. Some people are concerned about problems with earbuds and having in ear buds. I have to say that it does not intrude and does not cause significant damage unless you turn the volume too high. Earbuds work great and stay put better than most of the other clip style headphones that I have seen and tried therefore I firmly believe that these are your best bet if you plan to be mobile with your headphones.

Lake Villa, IL


The best ear buds yet!


If you find the new types of head phone uncomfortable, need something more portable that has great sound qualty and will last long,  I reccommend Sony ear buds. Their designed to be ultra durable, have the best bass and volume of all ear buds I've tried, come in a variety of colors, and are affordable. Whenever I buy ear buds, they usually aren't loud enough, are uncomfortable, or break really easily and only one ear bud will continue to work or both will just stop working. But with Sony, I dont' have that problem.  I witnessed a friend forget to remove his earbuds from his pocket before putting a pair of jeans in the washing maching and even though the head phones were submerged in water, pulled and tugged between clothes, and repeatedly smacked into the glass door of the washing machine, they still worked afterwards!!! That's some major quality if you ask me!!! The best ear buds ever are Sony!!!

Pasadena, CA


Not Bad for the price


I purchased these ear phones in the airport, cause I forgot my regular headphones.  This set of earphones is pretty much what you would expect. I have to say that they aren't a disappointment or a spectacular product at its price range. My main comparisons to the mdrex10lppb were the Ultimate Ear super.fi 3 & the Sennheiser CX300's. This set is definitely stronger than the CX300's in every aspect. The bass is cleaner and deeper while the fit is also better. The Sony's sound wasn't quite as clean as the Super.fi 3's but did have better bass definition. It was louder and more defined so this should be taken into consideration for those who want heavier bass in their music. It's a decent set of earphones if you're not looking for noise isolation. It's not as loud as other sets I've tried, even in a completely quiet area which means less battery life for your listening device. With Sony, we always expect the best but this set is only about average. Good hunting.

Rainier, OR


Sony In-ear Headphones

3.6 5