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Sony Headphones

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Sony headphones worked great while they lasted


The sony headphones worked well while they lasted.  After all sweating and running with them they eventually gave way, lasting only a summer.  Also, as a female that wears earrings, wearing these and wraping them around your ear was annoying as it would interfere with my earrings and even caused me to loose one.  Other than that they worked well, sound was good, not bothersome.  Good buy for the price.

Chicago, IL


Great headphones for a runner.


I am a runner and always listen to music on my runs. I am always on a quest to find the "perfect pair" of headphones for running because there is nothing more uncomfortable than your headphones feeling unsecured while you are running, or worse to have them fall out of your ears! You end up having to readjust some pairs constantly when what you should be able to do is just forget they are there and enjoy the music and scenery on your run!  A friend recommended this pair of headphones and I ordered them. So far, this is the best pair of running headphones I have ever used. The soft loop shape stays keeps the headphones secure on your ears and they don't move very much with the impact of running. Another good quality is that they are not affected by sweat. The sound quality is great without blocking out all outside noise...this is important for personal safety while road running because you need to be able to hear cars. Most of the time I don't have to readjust them during my run, but sometimes they do get a little loose which is why I am giving them 4 stars instead of 5.

Jackson, TN


Sony Headphones

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