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Sony - Handycam DCR-HC32 NTSC Digital Camera

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Sony Handycam DCR-SX41 is GREAT!!!


The thing you have ot remember about the camcorder is that it is an entry-level camcorder so for me it is perfect.  I am by no means a professional video recorder.  This camcorder is small enought to fit into the palm of your hand.  Its lightweight and portable enough to tkae just about anywhere.  The battery life is excellent and will give you up to about two hours when fully charged.  It has 8GB of internal memory.  It also come with a Memory Stick slot for memory expansion which is really nice and always you to have even more memory so you dont have to worry about running out of space. It has aLCD touch screen for easy access to changing various camcorder setting.  It takes excellent picture quality for such a tiny camcorder.  It seems to be a fairy durable little camcorder as my family are not the easiest on electronic devices and ours still works like a charm.  The only problems I really have with this camcorer is the face that it does not have a view finder and that is a bit of a problem in bight lights.  The other problem is it seems to be a little slow to focus during low-light conditions. Overall this is a wonderful camcorder and I would highly recommend it.

Greenville, SC


Easy to use and very fun to record.


The sony handcam is a very easy to use camera.  I use the camera all the time to record family and sporting events as memory.  Its easy to put it on the computer and edit.  Plus it has its own edit system on the camera.  Zooms very far and auto focus is on it plus night shot.  Very affordable cam and love every thing about it.

San Diego, CA


Sony - Handycam DCR-HC32 NTSC Digital Camera

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