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Sony Handycam Camcorder

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This is a good product


This output is easy, simple and practical, and can be used in many places very handy


amel .algeria


Sony Handycam works just fine


I realize everyone is in to the digital format these days, but I have had so much luck with this little guy, I'm not ready for the switch. I can transfer te taped movies to any format I want, Long battery life, and quality of movies is great. you don't have to keep up with new technology until you really want to.


Prior Lake, MN


Can't just pop the DVD into the computer


The family got me this handycam camera over a year ago. Did not want to hassle with figuring out how to use it. I just did get it out and spent and hour reading directions to get it set up to film with. It requires a mini dvd and says you can not put  the dvd into your computer for play back unless you format it first because it will cause your computer to malfunction. Well I would rather have and use my computer, so what was recorded onto the handycam will stay there. No where in the instructions doses it tell you how to format the dvd to be able to play it back on your computer. Such a waste of time and money. Give me a digital camera any day.


Bloomington, IN


pretty cool camera for the money.


this is a pretty cool camcorder for the money. I dont use it very much and I dont do alot of taping but I think I will try to do more and really get to know this camera. it comes with a disc that you load into your computer to transfer the pics and videos. I like the size of the camera. the only thing I dont like is their customer support. when i tried to get help from them, they didnt want to help either. the program on my computer updated and I dont really like the update but oh well. as long as the camera does what it is supposed to do, i wont complain. it would do no good anyways because customer support wont help me unless I give them money. Sony usually has good products. i have always liked their cameras. this camera is good because I can take pictures with it which I guess would eliminate the need for an extra camera, but I will still keep the digital camera I have even though its old because it still works good.


Largo, FL


great camcorder for the money


I can't complain.  This is a great camcorder for the money.  It was easy to set up and use right out of the box.  I like that it is a hybrid and that you can record to either the dvd media or the memory card (which is not included).  You can also take still photos which aren't the best but definitely an option that you will use since its so convienent having the photo button right on the camera.


San Diego, CA


Great camcorder for how we use it


This great little starter camera is perfect for people who are looking for very infrequent video usage. The Sony DCR-HC28 provides a lightweight camera and is very capable. As our family's first camcorder, we have enjoyed using this for short videos to share with our extended family and friends dispersed across the country. The camera has two simple modes, record and playback. It calculates each video shot between reviews as separate video feeds and times during the playback. The playback controls are all on the 2.5" swivel touschscreen LCD.The sound is good in doors and decent outdoors. This is no where close to professional sound, but it does the job to capture the little moments.As you can see from the Pros I have listed, I beleive that both this camera handles low lighting and stabilization better than I expected.The 20x optical zoom is more than I have needed but obivously when my child is old enough to have recitals and other such events, that may change.The one thing I would change about this camera is I would add 16:9 mode since all of my TVs are 16:9.I love this camera and for the price feel that is the best value.


Raleigh, NC


Sony Handycam Camcorder

4.2 6