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Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson

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Great camera, Xenon Flash, Poor Design (keypad) - K810i


This was the second Sony Ericsson phone in my storyline of cell phones. It's certainly an upgrade and big improvement from the glitchy W300i. This phone is equipped with a really good camera (even at 3.2 MP) and has Xenon flash. Even in dark venues and dim lighting, this phone does a really great job capturing photos. The auto-focus is phenomenal (for a camera phone), I'm able to focus on particular objects in my viewfinder easily. There's a image-stabilizing function as well for shaky hands (and cold weather). I did have some issues with the phone's design though, particularly with the keypad. Instead of easily accessible raised keys, the K810i has tiny silver rivets (see phone). I found it particularly hard to text and dial because I have large thumbs and fingers. The phone call quality is great, never experienced any drop calls or poor reception. As added bonuses, the phone has infrared and bluetooth capabilities for wireless connections with other phones or devices. If you're looking for a great camera phone, this is it. The K810i outclasses other candy-bar phones in terms of camera quality, multimedia functioning, and call quality. Hard to text and dial but if that doesn't bother you, I'd say go for this phone!

Ann Arbor, MI


i love this phone


i love this phone, i love the picture and the vedio quality, tis mobile is a nice mobile i have use since i got the programe software to creat games and theme for it, it has been then best phone i can say i use, some people say that iphone is the best but i prefer this to iphone

Brooklyn, NY


Sony Ericsson

4.5 2