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Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson - Cell Phone

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A Basic Cell Phone that Gets the Job Done


I got this cellphone in December 2006 when AT&T changed their technology. (They gave me the phone for free.) This is a very basic cell phone--it does have a few games and apps (such as a calendar, calculator, etc.), but this is definitely a "dumb phone" compared to a "smart phone." But it got the job done, which is all I needed. It worked quite well for several years--good call quality, I never had problems hearing the other person, and they could always hear me. The ringtone volume is plenty loud (if you have it turned up). It doesn't have a camera or a speakerphone. That's the only two things I ever wished for. I did start to have problems with a particular button or two (mainly the down button above the number keypad) a year or so ago, but that never prohibited me from using the phone. Then, about a month ago, it completely died. I checked with the AT&T store, but they said there was nothing that could be done for it, I would need to just get a new phone. It might be the battery, or it could be the screen. They said flip phones are susceptible to wearing out that way--folding and refolding that wire time after time just wears it down. Whatever the problem is, I got over four years out of it. The salesman told me that the expected life of a cell phone is 2 to 3 years, so I guess mine lasted pretty well. I'm not a person who talks on their cell phone all day long, or even every day, so maybe that explains why mine lasted as long as it did. I would probably purchase the exact same phone again, but, of course, they've changed all the models. But hopefully that means I'll get one with a speakerphone this time--it looks like a phone with a camera is still more than I want to spend.

Louisville, KY


Sony Ericsson - Cell Phone

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