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Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson Cell Phone

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It's a nice little phone


Call me old fashioned, but one of the reasons I got this phone is because it is a flip phone, which I do like to some extent. When I have the money, I'll probably get an iPhone, but for now, I'm quite satisfied with this sleek little flip phone. Another one of the main reasons that I got this phone is because it's an mp3 player, which is pretty much essential for me, because music is really my life. One feature that is really neat is that it has buttons on the outside of the phone that can control the music tracks (for example, play, stop, next or previous track, and volume). You can also lock it with a little slide lock on the side of the phone so that none of the buttons can be pressed if it's in your pocket or something. Another really cool thing that I like about this phone is the fact that when you are looking through your pictures, you can tilt the phone on it's side, and the picture will turn and get wider. Also, all of the menus and options are easy to use and understand. It's definately a neat little phone if you like flip phones.


Gainesville, GA


Sony Ericsson w518-a...or Sony's wanna-be Razr FAIL


Before you read this, please remember that I am VERY hard on phones, (I have run over two of them!) so maybe if I put the stupid thing through less abuse it would work better. With that said, lets's get down to business. I won't lie, I do like the design of this phone if for no other reason than it is a flip phone (hooray for not being able to butt-dial!) and it does remind me of the Razr V3, which is one of the few phones I haven't managed to destroy. And the navigation program that comes with it has saved my butt a couple times. Fine, I will admit it, I do LOVE the fact that it comes with Facebook pre-installed. However, there are a a few things I REALLY don't like. 1. It is not durable enough! Remember the two phones I ran over? The second one was a w 518a, which did not survive. Mind you, it only got run over once. The reason this bothers me so much is many a year ago I had a Nokia...something...that was in the middle of the road, on a fairly busy street, and run over repeatedly. Once I found the pieces and put it back together it worked just fine, except for the crack in the screen. 2. I am also not real thrilled with the stupid button things on the front, because even though it does have the little key lock thingy everytime you accidently touch one it scrolls a message across the screen telling you the keys are locked which just sucks up your battery life. 3. I don't know if it is because of the abuse I have put it through, or because I don't have one of those stupid memory card things, but my phone keeps freezing up, usually while scrolling the keylock message across the outside screen.  As if this isn't bad enough, sometimes it will freeze while someone is calling so I hear the phone ringing but when I open it all I see is black screen. For some reason it usually choses to do this when my mom is calling which makes her REAL happy. The only way I have found to make the stupid this work again is to either ignore it for a few minutes and hope, or to take the battery out, put it back in, and turn it back on. I have had to do this so many time I think that if there was a cell phone battery changing competition I would win it blindfolded and with one hand behind my back!


Austin, TX


Sony Erricson w518a is a bit of a disappointment


The Sony Erricson w518a cell phone is a bit disappointing. It has great musical features but requires too many accessories in order to use. Special cards, special ear buds but they do not work together??? The keys are to flush to phone and difficult to use. Features are great . . . phone is not.


Newark, DE


Good all in one cell phone!


The Sony Erricson cell phone model w518a has been a good phone to have. It is one of the cheaper cell phones but still has many features which I look for in a cell phone including MP3, FM radio, camera, video, planner, etc.  The camera is a 3 mgpx camera which is pretty good for a cell phone and I am pretty happy with the results.  I also enjoy the MP3 player. There is a slot in the cell phone where you could insert a micro SD card so that you can put many songs on the phone or use it for photo memory. The sound when playing music from the phone is not great, but I had earphones that I had from a previous Sony Erricson phone that has great stereo sound. If you want earphones you will have to by a special kind because of the weird connection on the phone which kind of steaks.  The screen is a good size which is very nice. Also because it is a flip phone the screen is protected from being scratched as a slider phone. Even though it is a flip phone, there are buttons on the outside where you can use the MP3 player without having to open up the phone at all. This is a great phone!


Taylors, SC


Sony Ericsson w518a : My Walkman in my Cell!


Got this new cell phone along with AT&T. Its stylish, well designed, sleek and has lot of features. I still haven't used all its features, as there are so many! The mp3 player is simple and very easy to use. And the idea of having it on the flap is cool. You don't have to open the flap to play and pause songs. Just press and play from the top of the flap! The keypad is also good and easily accessible for typing. Its not QWERTY though. But I don't have problem using the old keypads. You can upgrade the memory to 16GB by using Memory Stick M2! Besides all these pros there as some cons as well. The headphone jack is not the regular 3.5 mm one. You need to buy a special adapter for it. Also the mp3 keypad is very sensitive to touch and will start playing in your pockets, unless you use the lock. The phone is said to be gesture sensitive and if you shake it can fast forward and rewind just by shaking, however, it doesn't seem to be working for my phone. But I don't mind that.


Detroit, MI


w518a is very easy to use and navigate around


I love the phone completely. Not found anything I don't like about it. I love the fact it's small but has everything you need. The signal is strong and has not droppeda call. The blue-tooth is fast and easily accessible. You can personalise it to fit your needs to make it even easier to use. Overall it's the best cell i have had. I don't have a data plan with mine so not sure how it does with the net or apps it has. It comes with a gps tho so should be pretty good. The quality pictures it takes it very good and can even do panorama pictures. The Sony Erricson W518a fits our whole family needs from some who don't text alot to a son who almost only texts. The memory cards are kinda hard to find for it, as it uses the micro sd m2, at least around my area. The battery last a long time even with the blue-tooth never being shut off. This phone comes with a FM radio in it if you use a headset. If don't have a headset you can still shuffle your music with just a touch of a button. It has a button on the side that you can slide to turn that feature off if you carry your phone in your pocket.


Newark, AR


Sony Ericsson Cell Phone

3.8 6