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Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson - Cell Phone

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Love it because of the color and useability is easy.


This sony ericsson phone is purple. On the flip cover there is a small window when you close it that shows how many minutes the call was, it also shows the time and other things. It is not too small just the right size.  The key pad has large keys not like the blackberry which are small.  I like the useablity of this phone.  It has a camera, video share, bluetooth technology, media net, You can transfer music from a computer to this phone.  It has alarms, calendar, notes, timer , stopwatch, password saver, address book, locks, time and date, games, ringtones. It is hearing aid compatible.  It has a video recorder and camera.  It has speed dial, text message , voicemail and has voice dialing feature. It has forwrding of calls and stores numbers You can transverpictures.  It has music and video players.  It comes with house charger. The user manual is easy to understand and follow. The user manual has lots of pictures to help and good explanations. It has web capablilities.  It has a play and pause key. It has a memory slot. It has xm radio.    It has videodj, photodj, and musicdj.  it also has message alert.  It has smart search. It is also has hand free capability.  It has wall paper , themes, screen saver, and a clock, and alarm.   There is also a silent mode on the phone.  Iit has network shaaring, mobile networks, internet settings, and message settings. It also comes with accessories.Kkeys are large and not small which helps me to touch them easier.I really like my phone.

Cedar Hill, MO


This is a disgrace to Sony Erricson


This phone caught my eye because I was in a pink phase. Well I check it out more and it seems to have everything I'm looking for. Mp3 ringtones a long batter life, blue tooth capabilities.. I purchase it and when it comes I am somewhat disappointed as it looks rather cheap, but I I've it a try. The first thing you notice is the sound quality is so poor that you cant  figure out the song that's playing much less the words to it. It ended up being somewhat of an embarrassment when my phone would ring and people would ask"what was that". That dilemma is easily solved with a generic preset tone and vibrating alert, but it then takes away one of the features I needed in the phone. Overlooking the embarrassing sound quality there was the problem of the talk time. Within a month I found myself having to purchase a new battery because the life of the original one would only last 2 hours. This phone is suppose to have a talk time  of over 6 hours. Another reason why I chose it as I am constantly on the phone. If you take a way the long battery life and have to deal with poor sound quality and a cheap looking phone, what are you left with? Well for me I'm left with a paperweight as I move on to a samsung. I always had good luck with Sony erricson but this phone has made me move on to what I hope will be better things. If you want a quality phone this is NOT the phone for you. It is more along the level of a pre tens phone, and has a price tag to match. It is easily replaceable but that isn't always a plus. On the positive side, it has fallen into water 4 times and still works after a little drying out. If anything they are durable, just not very good.

Lake Elsinore, CA


A good, durable phone!


I bought the Sony Ericsson Z750a on the recommendation of an AT&T phone store employee.  I initially was looking for a touch screen phone but was steered to this one because of it's durability and it's many functions.  I wanted an address book, as well as a calendar and camera.  This phone enables me to store multiple phone numbers, addresses and even birthdays for all my contacts.  The camera is disappointing; the pictures aren't as clear as those I've seen on friend's phones.  The phone has the T9 texting feature, which after spelling some of my "personal" words, works well.  Overall, I like this phone and would recommend it to a friend.

Saint Charles, MO


Sony Ericsson - Cell Phone

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