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Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson - Cell Phone

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very nice camera phone


I got this phone from my boyfriend as a birthday present two years ago. It was already considered as an old model two years ago, but I really liked its color and the look. The screen is very big, and I really like it because it's a camera phone so I can see the pictures clearly. The camera has auto-focus, flash and 5M pixels. The flash light is quite powerful, just like the ones on digital cameras. The keyboard is not so good because the keys are all so tiny. Its kind of thick and a bit heavy. One thing to mention is that there are three touch buttons below the screen. Its not a touch screen but theres like three points right below the screen so it looks like touchscreen although its not. It's a very good camera phone (it's one of the cyber-shot series). Good picture quality. The problem that I'm experiencing with this phone is that it is getting slower and it lags quite a bit. I guess it's because that it's getting old...

Allston, MA


Amazing Camera Phone.


I purchased the Sony Ericsson K850i early this year. One of my main reasons for choosing the K850i is the Sony Cybershot Camera. The Sony Ericsson K Series Phones (k800, K810, K850 Have the Sony Cyber Shot Camera built into them. Sony Ericsson is now moving the Cybershot camera line into the C Series Phones (C702, C901, C902, C905) One of the main reasons I chose the K850I is do to the Stunning 5 Megapixel 2592x1944 Pixel Camera ability with Xenon Flash, and a 3 LED video light. The phone also records 30 Frame per second QVGA Video. In my opinion this phone takes pictures just as good as a 5 Megapixel Handheld Camera. I wasn't looking for the whole all out touch screen phone, I needed a fairly basic, feature rich, Camera phone. Some of the top Features in my opinion are: The phone is a Quad GSM Phone, Meaning unlocked it can be used on most any network anywhere in the world. It is also a Tri HSDPA 3G Phone, meaning it works on most 3G Networks Worldwide. It comes with a stunning 240 x 320 Pixel, 2.2 inch, 256k color screen. Which in my opinion Sony Ericsson has some of the most beautiful, Vibrant LCD screens on the market. The K850i also has Massive game support with Java Based Games. It also has an Accelerometer Sensor, which senses the rotation of the phone and adjusts the screen to match. The Accelerometer can also be used in games like you're using the phone as a steering wheel, or leaning it to make objects move around. The phone has a WAP 2.0/HTML browser. Also a FM radio with RDS support. Bluetooth 2.0 Support. Flawlessly supports MP3, MP4 and ACC Media. Also has a neat Music Recognition feature, so if you don't know the song, simply record it and the phone will identify it for you. Also supports voice dialing, which makes using Bluetooth headset very convenient.  So far the phone has been great, it is very durable, as a Mechanic, I have to work with my phone in my pocket 10 hours a day. and they do take a beating. Yet so far the phone still remains flawless. The buttons can be a little confusing, and scetchy at times, but all in all they work pretty good once you get used to them. The buttons are well placed for my larger hands, very tactile, and it makes texting easier than most phones I've used in the past. Call Quality is excellent, and voices are nice, clear and loud. Pictures are very clear, quick and easy. The phone has pretty much all the same camera features as a 5MP Cybershot handheld. You can adjust for lighting, Portraits, and Closeups, Landscapes, and so on. All in all so far it has been a great phone, and it has served me well. And I would defiantly recommend it to anyone.    

Hooper, UT


The K850i is my best cellphone choice.


I love my K850i. It has great mp3 sound, great phone quality, and easy to use functions. The camera is amazing ( as long as you keep your finger from the sensorthen it comes out dark). I wish there was an alternate way of using the phone although i do like the touchscreen, I just fear that if the touchscreen was to go out I would be without a phone. The display is very bright and clear colors are vibrant and high quality. I love the sony ericsson phone brand and try to upgrade as soon as the phones become afforable. This phone by far has been my favorite.

Paterson, NJ


Sony Ericsson - Cell Phone

4.7 3