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Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson Cell Phone

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This phone is great-has all the features I want.


Voice commands for dialing, additional storage with memory stick for music and pictures, comes with ear buds and USB cable for downloadin music, custom ring settings for address book entries, says name of person calling before phone rings and even has customizable lights for different callers. It is a compact slider phone, which I like better than the flip phones I've had in the past. Couldn't be more pleased.


Edgewater, MD


this phone is cool-looking, reliable and outlasted my contract!


This phone has outlasted any other cell phone i've ever had. i found a cool new replacement cover online (even though the one it came with was fine) and there was a big selection of oter accessories. I would reccommend this phone to anyone who just wants a phone for talking. I rarely use texting or the camera, but it has the capabilities for both (The picture below was taken with the phone). It also has web browsing capabilities, but was pretty lame. One cool feature is that you can program a person's name (by you speaking it) and take their picture. Then when they call the phone announces who is calling as well as displays their picture.


Oakland, IL


Old, but nothing to be ashamed of.


I purchased this phone when it was considered new. That means, about 6 years ago. Since then, I have purchased two other phones, both of which have broken in a matter of weeks. Due to the crap build quality of new stuff (they must want you to always go back to buy the hot new thing), I've reverted back to the Sony Erricson z500a for good. This phone has been thrown at walls, fallen out of pockets and slid to hit the ground while I was cleaning the roof, chewed on by a dog, and breifly dropped in the sink. It still works just like the day I got it. If anyone can even begin to name a new phone that could survive that, by all means, let me know. I don't think you can.  It's not exactly the prettiest phone in the world, but it was never the "in-style" phone. That means it can never be out-of-style. See, nowadays if you have a razr, you are considered old-school or lame because you don't have the hot new thing -- the blackberry or iPhone -- but if people see you with this, they don't consider you old-school or lame automatically, they just figure you don't jump on bandwagons. That has been my experience at least.


Valdosta, GA


Sony Ericsson Walkman phone has music, web & photo capability.


I got the Sony Ericsson Walkman phone through the at&t carrier and I have been very satisfied with it. It is sleek, comes in nice colors and slides open which protects the keyboard. It has a nice camera, and I have taken almost 300 photos on it already. The camera is my main toy aspect, but you can use video or play music. My teenager has the same phone and uses it to text his friends. He also plays a lot of games and he programs music onto his phone to use as an MP3 player. I use it pretty functionally, mostly just as a phone. You can check email and surf the web if you wish, but I don't use that feature. My only problem is that for my son's phone he does a lot of texting and I had to replace the phone when his screen messed up with black lines. I don't know why that happened to the screen, but as long as the phone is under warrantee, it will be replaced quickly for free. I would recommend buying insurance for this phone. There is no case made for this phone, since it is a slider, but I found a leather holster case with a belt clip which fits the phone, as it is fairly standard size.    


Philadelphia, PA


An older phone


I got this older cell phone as a back up incase I accidently wash my cell phone in the washing machine again!!!  Well, this phone does not have a memory drive and the picture quality is not as good as my current sony phone. So I am not satisfied with it, but for a backup, it will be OK.


New Kensington, PA


A good phone with a few slight problems.


This phone is overall a great phone. Definately reliable and handy. Never really had any real trouble with it, although at the times the keys will stick while writing a text message causing the phone to freeze-up for a few seconds. I use this phone mainly just for texting, phone calls, and pictures and never had a real problem. It's pretty much your basic phone though, no real perks like an MP3 player. And although I would love to be known for being really careful with my phone, I'm not. I drop this phone constantly but have never seen any change in its ablity to work well. Its kinda big but it is a flip phone. ...*Great phone.*


Orlando, FL


Sony Ericsson Cell Phone

4.0 6