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Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson Cell Phone

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Looks cool but it isn't


My husband and I purchased these phones because we wanted MP3 players on our phones and liked the design. The phone has had problems and just shuts off completely at any time. It doesn't just hibernate it actually turns off so you don't realize that it is off and miss calls. My husband has called Cingular and they will just keep sending the same phone. He has had three and they all have done this. Mine has not started doing it until recently and I have had it a year and a half. There are other phones out there (perhaps some of Sony's newer versions of this series) that are better. The interface is nice and you can activate the music portion w/o the phone being on.


Columbia, MO


Fun phone, but lots or glitches


This is a fun phone and is very unique, but i have gone through 3 becasue they break on their own.  They just glitch easily and it is frustrating to try and fix it.  However, sony replaced all of them with no problems.  The camera is fun to use and the MP3 player is fun to use to listen to your favorite music whenever you want, but you can only carry around 30 songs before you will run out of space.   Overall it is fun to have, but not if you get easily frustrated becasue then it will drive you crazy!


Walnut Creek, CA


Best phone I've ever had!


I've gone through many cell phones and this one is by far the best!  I have trouble hearing on the other phones, but this sony ericson is so loud and clear.  Everyone compliments me on it because of the swivel technique.  I can't beleive they can have all the things into 1 phone....mp3 player, camera, cell phone, it's great!!


Smyrna, GA


this is a reliable phone.


The phone holds up to 50 songs with easy to use programs.  You can put your own pictures on it.  It's durable and fast. It has good speakerphone.  You can take pictures and videos and upload them onto your computer.  You can download themes and go online.  It's an overall good quality phone.  (everyone thinks it looks cool and it swivels, its just unique.) A++ :-)


East Greenbush, NY


the sony ericsson is a compilacted phone to use


this is a great phone to have that is if you dont text daily. the buttons split in half. I had the phone for a week before the buttons started splitting. Other than that the phone is very technical, it's complicated to figure out but once you have figured it out it is a blast to have


Scottsville, KY


Sony Ericsson Cell Phone

3.6 5