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Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson - Cell Phone

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Good "dumb" phone!


I bought this phone before it became free at cell phone stores, because I was in love with it. I still like the phone. The phone is not small. If you want a smaller Ericsson, there are smaller versions of this style phone. I bought this phone because it is also a walkman, which comes in handy when you want to exercise and not want to carry a phone and your mp3 player. This phone uses a Memory Stick ProDUO, which can be annoying for those who want to transfer data from the card to your computer and you do not have a Sony computer. You can always transfer via the usb cable that comes along with the box, but that means you have to install the program that enables for this transfer. There is no other way to get music on your phone though! The phone is fairly easy to learn how to use, and supports bluetooth AND infrared for those still using infrared! This phone also comes with a decent design that allows it to get better reception than my newer Sony Xperia X1i.  The battery case lid is very difficult to remove though, and I actually managed to scratch my phone while trying to open it in order to insert my SIM card. This phone can be pretty amazingly sturdy though. I dropped this phone into a bowl of hot korean tofu soup, plucked it out, and it still worked! I did manage the scratch the screen fairly easily though, so I would invest in a screen protector. In addition, I managed to crack part of the plastic on the screen near the buttons, although I'm not sure how that came about so it may not be as sturdy as I thought.  Also, since the phone is a sliding phone, watch out for messing up the connections that travel through the sliding mechanism. I managed to mess up some wiring from sliding my phone, which will completely mess up the data transfer to the screen and you will get a white screen of death with the phone. My phone lasted me less than 2 years because of this problem. I started having problems with this phone earlier, though, where it would randomly turn off at night without me knowing, so be careful if you depend on this phone as your alarm in the morning. 

Temple City, CA


Sony W580i, great for perks, not for texting or talking.


The Sony W580i....Overall was only okay....I love cell phones and I ended up having 5 of these due to problems from keys breaking to malfunctions of the phone itself. There were allot of great features though, like FM Radio, calendar, alarms, camera and speakerphone. Great for fun stuff, not so great for texting allot.

Harrisburg, PA


Sony Erickson W850i is an awesome combination of great features.


The Sony Erickson W850i is a great cell phone. It is compact, easy to use, and stylish. I like all of the features including the MP3 player. My only dislike is that I have had trouble with thinking it was locked and it accidentally connecting to the internet. Otherwise, I am very happy with this phone and would recommend it.

Saint Joseph, MO


Say it best with the Sony Ericsson


I like the options this phone has, however the battery life does not make up for the amount of options.  After 2 months the battery does not last more than 1 day.  In addition, if you are used to using other types of phones, this one takes a while to get used to.  I like the way the phone is set up, and the different accessories.  I would get this phone again, but would not be willing to pay much money for it.  I was able to get the phone for free with a renewal.

Mercersburg, PA


Nothing compares to it..


I have used this phone before, and trust me its the best phone so far of all tho one's i have used. The features are so many and its easy to  customized. The camera is very clear with flash light and a self portrait, the sound quality is very good too. you can expand the memory up to 4GB with a memory stick.

Lanham, MD


Sony Ericsson - Cell Phone

3.7 6