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DVD Player
Sony - DVP-NS700H DVD Player

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It is great, and an amazing product


Roll your eyes all you want, but Sony is still a leader in the quest for electronic perfection.  My household is not very electronically minded, but,  even we can figure out this DVD player.  I love how simple it was to set up, and all the options.  It comes with it's own remote,  but other than that it is one complete,  little package that does just what it says it will.  We went for around a year with out a DVD player, and now we are concidering just switching to DVD only and cancelling cable!  It is a compact unit, and it fits nicely on top of our cable box and TV. I love the Optical Audio Output, the picture and sound is great! It is not heavy at all either, and like I said before, it is simple and easy. We set it up in fifteen minutes, and we watched a movie the same night!!!  Now, every member of the family knows how to turn it on and we can be watching a movie in five minutes on any given night. It works perfectly, and has never malfunctioned. I love this DVD player!!!!

Waynesburg, OH


Great DVD player!


I really love this DVD player. I moved into an apartment a few years ago and needed a DVD player for my TV. I went to the store and ended up deciding on the Sony NS700H DVD Player. This is one of the best DVD players I have ever used. I love it! It looks great and is pretty compact so it fits into my small TV stand. It plugged into my TV and that was that. We haven't had any problems at all with it. One of the things I really love is that you can be watching a movie and if you need to leave you can just shut it off and when you come back the DVD player will power back on to that point in the movie. Which is fantastic if you are watching a film in parts because of your busy schedule. This can also be annoying because if you want to watch the same movie after someone you will have to go to the menu to reset where you were. But otherwise this was a great buy, it has lasted for a couple of years already and I expect it to keep on lasting.

Holcomb, KS


Exceptional product!


I bought this product a few months ago. To my amazement the DVD Player is pretty thin which is awesome and is very sturdy. The picture that this DVD player puts out is amazing for my 32 inch Vizio 720 HDTV. It looks very close to the Blu Ray disks in my opinion. The remote has many options which isn't normal for a DVD Player in this price range which is awesome. I was going to put my 32 inch HDTV on top of this and it was very sturdy, but just doesn't look right. Totally satisfied with this unit. It does the job and has some great features. Its like watching your dvd's for the first time. If you want the best your HD TV has to offer then buy this, make sure you hook up via HDMI cable if your tv has the port for it. You wont be dissapointed. Theres a significant difference when you use this as the upcoverter to 1080p rather than standard 480 or 720 that your dvd player has. The only downside is that everything is black so the buttons are hard to see. This is a minor issue. If you just use the remote it's no problem.

Carson City, NV


Great DVD player.


We recieved this DVD player as a gift a couple of years ago and have been extremely happy with it.  The hookups are extremely easy to use and setup is so easy.  We haven't had one problem with it yet and don't anticipate any anytime soon.  This can also play CD's, which is a nice feature.  This player also remembers where you left off if you stop the DVD before it is over.  I think it is amazing that even if it has been a while since a DVD was in, it will still remember where you were and start up right where you left off, which is nice.  Occasionally, though, it is a problem getting back to the menu if you want to start over after it restarts in the middle of the DVD.  The remote is great and easy to use - my four-year-old has even figured it out and can start his movies himself, much to his delight.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially since the price seems to be so reasonable.

Lawrence, KS


Sony - DVP-NS700H DVD Player

4.8 4