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DVD Player
Sony - DVP-NS55P DVD Player


The new DVP-NS55P DVD player features Precision Cinema Progressive technology, providing sharper images for a better viewing experience, and Sony's Precision Drive III mechanism that helps maximize the performance of DVD collections by reading data even on some physically "warped" discs. Other benefits include fast/slow playback with sound, custom parental control, and a Spanish instruction manual for basic setup and operation.

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Good price, good brand.


I am reviewing the Sony - DVP - NS55P DVD Player.  I am an avid movie watcher who keeps DVDs and movies on my computer.  I was having problems with my pervious DVD player when trying to play DVD's and CDs that I recorded.  For me it was a gamble every time I tried to play a burnt DVD or CD in my old DVD player.  I went shopping specifically for a good quality DVD player that was combatable with most, if not all, burnt DVDs.  After doing research, I purchased the Sony - DVP - NS55P DVD Player.  It is small, compact, and sleek.  I've played multiple types of burnt DVDs and CDs and have yet to have any problems with this DVD player reading them.   This DVD player also delivers very good audio and video performance for its price.  It was also extreemly easy to hook this DVD player to my home theater system.  So far the only con I have experienced is that it is only a single disk holder, so this model might be better as a supplimental DVD/CD player for someone's home theater system.

Waco, TX


Quite nice!


No complaints here. My Sony DVD player has worked perfectly since I got it last year. I don't use it more than a couple times a week, so if you are looking for a DVD player that can take that kind of use, I can't vouch for this one. But I'd assume it would be fine. Sony products are generally quite durable and as long as you take care of it, I would suspect it'd last quite a while. While other DVD players have had skipping problems, this one works great. It also plays burned DVDs quite well. Sure, there are some that it won't play, but they are usually damaged or defective. I've found that this DVD player will play just about anything and do a good job at it. And if it struggles with a DVD, I just watch it on my laptop. If it won't work in a laptop, it probably won't work anywhere. If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use DVD player, check this one out today. The remote is extremely handy and it has a surprising range, too.

Alpine, UT


This DVD player has never given me any trouble. It's great!


I got this DVD player by using my Coke points.  Actually, I drink sooo much Diet Coke every day that I earned 2 DVD players!  Both the Sony - DVP-NS55P DVD Players work great and are very easy to use.  I am reluctant to get a blu-ray player because there is competition still with the format.  I love to watch marathons of my favorite shows, like LAW & ORDER, Dr. Who, and Battlestar Galactica.  Yep, I'm a nerd!  Some DVD players heat up if you use them all day, but this can get through all 4 seasons of DR. Who with no problems whatsoever.  There isn't too much you can say about a DVD player that works fine.  Sony is a brand I trust, because I have never had any problems with any Sony appliance I've ever had.  TV, CD players, etc., Sony just works really well.  If these two DVD players ever become obsolete, I will no doubt buy from another Sony DVD player.  I would no doubt recommend this brand to all my friends, in fact, I have.

Kennewick, WA


easy and afordable


l i just bot one last month it was eazy to you's and it is budget friendly and it is beter thanmy old colby dvd player. and dont have to spend alot to get good quality when you by this product **.** next_tags_index['about_me_suggested'] = 15;

Tillamook, OR


Good dvd player for a great price


This a great progressive scan dvd player, I highly recommend going with this unit over any upconverting dvd models due to the fact that current dvds are burned in 480p.  Attempts to "upconvert" to 1080i or p can cause the piscture to look worse.  Using this dvd player the picture is as sharp and clear as a curent dvd can be.  The menu's are easy to use and picture quality is great on any tv.  I recommend getting component cables since they offer the best picture signal available on this model.

New Bedford, MA


Sony - DVP-NS55P DVD Player

4.6 5