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DVD Player
Sony - DVP- DVD Player

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Very durable and great as most sony products are


I've had the DVD player for several years and it has always been very reliable for me. The picture quality is terrific. The DVD player has a feature so that the DVD will keep playing even after it freezes. The other player we had did not do this as well. Some of the buttons/features on the remote I wish were on the DVD player because when I lose the remote I have to search hard for it so I can rewind or fast-forward the DVD. The tray easily comes in and out and the power buttons/other buttons are always reliable to do what I need them to do. The Sony DVD player was at a competitive price considering it's durability. Other DVD players only lasted me a year and then I needed new ones. The Sony I've found in all my Sony products tends to last and be strong with minimal/no problems for the life of the electronic equipment. There are other newer options/features like DVR's, but if you're just looking for something to play a CD/Dvd, then the Sony DVD player is the way to go. Ease of Use Would like more buttons on the DVD player for rewind/fast forward instead of having to rely on the remote.

Reading, PA


It lets me play my homemade photo shows and picture cd's.


I have a lot of photo shows that myself and my kids who live in another state made, and my previous dvd player wouldn't let me play them.  We all had to crowd around the computer to watch them.  Now we can watch them on the tv.  This dvd player has all I want for a very reasonable price.

Memphis, TN


Great quality DVD player with component video output


This DVD player will play the DVD+/-R and DVD+/-RW formats with ease. There's a great setup which allows you to tweak your settings. The best feature is the option to switch to progressive format video output. The downside is that you have to purchase a component video cable separately and need to have a component video cable compatible TV for the progressive video format, but once you have those, then watching your DVDs in progressive video format gives you crystal clear video quality. All in all, a great quality player for regular DVDs.

Medford, MA


Excellent Product


This is a progressive scan DVD player, with lots of options.  The best and worst thing about this is its memory.  If by accident your dog steps on the remote, and turns off the player, when you turn it back on, it will pick up right where it left off.  However, this works for other movies too.  I mean, if you put in a movie, and decide you dont want to watch it anymore, and take it out, the next time you put it back in it will remember where you left off, instead of starting at the beginning.  Not too big of a deal, but annoying sometimes. 

Grand Rapids, MI


Turn old DVD's into WOW DVD's!


For those of you not willing to commit to a Blue-Ray player, this is the perfect alternative! It will make your old standard DVD look just as good as any HD programming from you cable or satelite provider. It is easy to connect with a HDMI port and has an easy to use remote. The DVD player also features the Bravia Sync option, one touch of a button and your DVD player will turn on, your TV will turn on and switch to the DVD player input. Leave it to Sony to make things easy.

Irving, TX


Copyright protection.


All you need to know about the newest batch of DVD-R players is that you will almost always run into the new "copyright protection chips" that will prohibit you from recording movies (and some television shows) from your cable box.  In my humble opinion, this is a load of hooey.  We paid for the cable already, we aren't getting the special features of the movie when it's bought in-store, and unless we're idiots we aren't going to go copying it for all our friends (or to sell out on the street corner).  This is along the same lines of way back when recording on a VCR got the executive's goat and that was deemed allowable.  Anyway, this has been more a review on copyright chips rather than this DVD-R, but as you can see, I'm mad. If you don't care that you can't record everything you may want to from the television/cable box, go ahead and buy this.  It works well, it isn't too hard to operate, and it gets a good picture.  But... be warned... you might do well to look for an older model of DVD-R to have all the features you'd want to use it for.

Chesterton, IN


Sony - DVP- DVD Player

4.2 6