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Sony DVD Recorder VCR Combo

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Sony Made another good one!


We purchased or Sony DVD Recorder/VCR combo several years ago and are very happy with it. As with all technology there is now a newer, bigger better version but we are happy with the one we have. It is very easy to use for a technology challenges person such as myself. We have a Sony Bravia TV so the picture when playing DVD's is great. Of course the picture would be even better if it was a blu-ray player but again for a simple DVD recorder it is fine. Mostly we use it to copy movies we have recorded on the DVR. We have never had any problems with the player overheating as some have stated. And I don't find it noisy at all, again as some have complained about. The only problems with the player have been our fault not the machines. We are glad we purchased the DVD Recorder and would buy it again.

Gastonia, NC


VHS, meet DVD.


I bought this Sony DVD/VCR combo originally for my grandparents who always wanted to record their television shows or watch old VHS tapes, either movies or family tapes. The reason I chose it was because when it comes to electronics, my grandparents have never really been completely up to speed with the latest gadgets and gizmo's, who's are? It's a basic and simple easy to use machine, the fact that they loved how easy it was to control made me want to buy my own as well, so I did. They never really had any complaints about the noise that it started making while playing a few tapes, it did bother me quite abit, but I mostly watched DVD's more than VHS tapes, though I still prefer knowing that the VHS part of it isn't that noisy. It could be that they played much older VHS tapes and that they seemed a little worn, which could lead to the noisyness. Noise aside, if you need a simple combo machine that plays both formats, this is one of the best on the market hands down.

Philadelphia, PA


Sony DVD/VCR combo


I have had this DVD/VCR combo for a couple of years now and it works fine for what I am doing.  I have liked it because I have tons of VHSs (since they are cheaper to buy than DVDs and nobody wants them anymore) so I play the VCR more than the DVD player.  Of course the picture isn't very good, but I think that's the problem with VHSs rather than the player.  I haven't moved my machine all that much so for just sitting there, it seems to run pretty well.  I think it is a little noisy, but I've never had problems with overheating.  It gets hot, but won't shut down and I've never had it damage any movies.  I would recommend it if you are looking for a VHS player, but if not, there are lots of better quality DVD players on the market.  I would definitely look into getting something better if you can.  So, all in all, it has worked well for me, but it's not the greatest machine if you are looking for quality picture.

Salt Lake City, UT


Save your money


The Sony DVD/VHS Player RDR-VX555 is one of the worst products I have encountered.  After our previous DVD player died, we thought this would be a great solution to having a VCR just laying around really not being used because of the need to plug in and out.  The Sony player disappointed from the start.  The first unit we bought made "squeaky" noises about 30 minutes into use on the DVD portion.  We exchanged that unit for a new one, and the noise wasn't always present, but it was more frequent than should be on a new unit. Later on it would overheat if used for more than 45 minutes, which required the opening of our entertainment center's doors for a cool down.  The player lasted maybe 16 months before just refusing to play DVDs altogether.  We are still using the VHS portion for some old-school children's tapes, but are entirely disappointed in this product.  It is no longer sold to my knowledge, probably because of quality issues.  Avoid this product!

Boylston, MA


Sony DVD Recorder VCR Combo

3.3 4