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Sony - DSC-W150 Digital Camera

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A Sony DSC-150 Digital Camera is a great little camera!!


I bought this camera in the fall of 2008. The reason I bought this one was because it was a decent price and has a 5x zoom lens, which is good for a small camera. I like to take a lot of pictures especially on special occasions and I have been quite pleased with the quality. One of the things that can get a little annoying is that there are two main picture taking settings that each have different features. For instance, there is a good night lighting feature, but it is not an option of both of the settings so you have to make sure you go to the correct one. On the other hand, it does have different color options such as sepia, black and white, etc; however, this feature is also only an option on one of the settings. When looking through the pictures, you can look through them by date which is a very nice feature if you have a ton of pictures on your card. I must say that I am very much overall pleased with this camera and would highly recommend it.

Sterling, VA


Good looking camera, not as good pictures.


I've picked up this camera during a Sony promotion and was excited to replace my aging Lumix. Have read review after review and decided that this one was a good balance between price and performance. Me and my wife both soon started hating this camera. It takes..  ok pictures in the daytime. I think about half are decent, half are poor. It has a hard time focusing correctly and the images are often washed out.  Now for low light performance. Might as well consider that you don't own a camera at night. Extremely noisy / grainy pictures that are auto noise-reduced to pulp. It looks like you have used a custom Photoshop filter to make it look like a painting. Now most of the point and shoots do not have that great low light performances, but this one really over does it. The poor flash doesn't exactly help the situation either. Of course like all other Sony compacts, it uses only Memory Sticks, which are more pricier and less versatile. It has since been sold off and the proceeds went towards purchasing a Panasonic GF1. Now there's a camera!

San Francisco, CA


Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W150 Digital Camera Delivers Good Images


Our overall satisfaction with the Sony DSC W150 is good.  The pictures are almost always clear.  The steady shot feature works very well.  I've used other cameras that I couldn't get a clear picture out of.  The several different modes mork great for what they are programmed.  We usually find ourselves using the easy setting for taking pictures of our kids.  The only thing we have to change is whether to use the flash or not depending on the light. The high megapixel resolution give you a very large file when set.  We found that we don't need more than 5 to 8 megapixels.  We also found that the pictures are clearer when blown up if there was plenty of light.  This seems typical for all digital cameras in this class though.  But as far a low light goes, it does a better job having the picture turn out than others we have tried. One thing that we would like improved is the amount of time that it takes from pressing the button (after it's already focused) to when the picture is taken.  Again, this is typical for this class, but there are a few that don't take over a second to capture the image.  Many times our children will look at us, we'll press the button, but by the time the picture is taken, they look away.  We may get a SLR to solve this problem though. The optical zoom is great.  We have only needed something different for taking pictures of distant wildlife.  Every other instance, it was more than adequate.  We have owned the camera for well over a year now and have never had an issure with it.  The digital screen is great.  It always shows a picture that is identical to how the picture will be taken.  We are not view finder people so this is a great way for us to take pictures.  Because it is still only a few inches wide, even though it is very clear, we are not always able to tell if the picture was blurred or not.  Some subtle burrs do show up when we didn't know they were there. 

Saint Anthony, ID


Sony - DSC-W150 Digital Camera

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