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Sony - DSC-P52

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Good quality camera, too bulky, but good for normal use.


This is actually a pretty good camera, takes very high resolution pictures and they're high quality. The camera is actually very bulky. The battery does get used up fast, but it uses AA batteries, so you dont always have to use a li-ion charger like other branded cameras do. it's very easy to use because of the interface, and there are lots of features. it even takes videos!

Alhambra, CA


Good value for the money.


This may be an older model but a good value even at 3.2 pixels. You just have to be rather close to the subject because the zoom is not very good probably because of the low pixel. I take it to every function with great reviews from friends and family when I give out printed pictures. I like the red eye option and the fact that you can turn off all the beeps it makes so you can sneek up on someone.(great for the kids while they play) My 3 year old is even able to use this with pretty good results(when he gets the subject in view). This is a very durable family camera.

Chester, VA


Good quality digital camera


It's a good quality digital camera that takes great pictures.  The resolution is good.  Also note that it uses memory sticks and not memory cards.  The only real downside is that it's bulky compared to a lot of digital cameras.  I have used the camera for several years and have always been pleased with it's performance.

Lafayette, LA


Sony - DSC-P52

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