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Sony - DSC-H50 Digital Camera

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Great for a mom on the go!


With two kids under the age of five getting pictures can be a daunting task, but the different settings this offers insures I get the shot. Whether its an action at a soccer game or the simple Lego tower and its beaming creator the quality I get is wonderful. And it's compact enough to fit in my purse!

Beaufort, SC


best value for money


I love to take pictures. I am very picky with what kind of camera that I have and everything that it is able to do. When I got this camera i was a little bit worried about how good it was going to do. The price seemed to be too good to be true. I ended up buying it though because of how good the reviews were. I am glad that I listened to the reviews because my fellow buyers were correct on how wonderful this camera really is. I am very happy with how well this camera can focus. I have yet to have a picture come out blurry. If fact all sony cameras have that really good focus feature for shaky hands. I will say to make the camera take the picture when you want it too. First hold the button down half way to focus it. Then when you push it all the way i will take it instantly. That way when you are waiting for that moment when your child blows out the birthday candles you are more likly to catch it. The zoom is incredible for such a small camera. The flash is also nice. you know how some cameras give you that yellow tint on pictures you take at night inside. This camera does not do that. Great buy!!!

Irving, TX


Great for travel


I bought this as a "point and shoot" camera, it was awesome for those who enjoy quality and a camera that feels like a camera. I also love the tilting LCD screen, great for those hard to take photos and allows to shoot over your head in a crowd. Memory cards hold lots of data depending on settings. Took this camera to China, did an awesome job of catching some hard to get photos. This unit as the ability to do short videos and takes high quality photos. I have used this for travel and photo shoots such as weddings. Although it is not the best quality unit, it is a great unit for the price and very versital. Only complaint is the flash unit is very bright and hard on the subject's eyes, but the camera takes good photos without the flash in many situations. Used this for family get togethers and was impressed with the quality of the 9.1 mp capabilities. Would invest in this for someone who is beyond a beginner but not yet up to the level of professional.

Hudsonville, MI


DSC-H50 Really nice until it didn't work right anymore


A few years ago I was trying to decide on a new camera.  I wasn't ready to make the jump to a DSLR but I didn't want a standard point and shoot.  I came across the Sony DSC-H50 and it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. For the first year the unit workly nicely and I had very few complaints.  The lens cover was a pain and if you used the string that came with it to keep it attached it simply got in the way of pictures.  It also seemed to just pop off all the time.  Eventually I just gave up and didn't use it anymore. Then one day I noticed my auto focus was no longer working.  Unfortunately no matter what setting I used the auto focus was hit or miss.  I missed a ton of great shots which should have come out but due to the faulty auto-focus they did not.  (just as a side note a family member had a high end point and shoot Sony digital camera and it also did not focus properly) Next thing to go was the quickness of the photo being taken.  I guess because the auto focus was not working the camera would not take the photo.  You could sit there with your finger on the button and nothing happened.  Sometimes you had to try two to three times before it would take the photo. I love taking photos and having a broken camera was not an option.  I have since received a Canon T1i and I couldn't be happier. I would not recommend this or any other Sony camera. 

Bedminster, NJ


Its one of the best buys


When we got married the first thing we bought was this sexy camera and that was in the year 2008 and trust me it has passed the test of time. The photograps clicked with this camera are amazing and the clarity is just out of the world. Its a total buy. Its features:- 10 Mega pixel Camera:- This makes the clarity almost life like. 15X optical zoon:- so you can shoot far away things with precision. LCD is 3 inches good enough to see what you shoot. But this uses a lot of battery. It has a Carl Zeiuss lens which is one of the best in the market. The LCD screen can be moved and set. It has a tilting LCD disply. It is not fixed. This helps like when you are in a crowd and wanna take pic you can take the screen out and rasie the camera above you head and use this feature. You have various settings which you can choose from the the camera from Easy, to programmed to Auto Adjust which is one of my favourite. It has a lithium battery and and it would not last you a whole day of photography if you are like me. I bought an additional one from amazon.  This camera is a little big ut its really nice. I love using it and seeing the results. I am uploading some pics clicked from the camera.  

Chicago, IL


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50 is versatile and easy to use.


I have two digital cameras, and the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50 is my "everyday" camera.  It's compact size makes it easy to carry in a pocket or purse, so I can take it everywhere.  It is versatile and easy to use with lots of great features.  It has "smile" recognition capability, which I haven't used yet because I like to figure it out for myself.  But that would be a great feature for the novice (or nervous) amateur photographer.  I particularly like the scene-setting features.  I used the camera this past July 4th and put it on the fireworks setting.  I got some great shots!  I also like the 15X zoom, which is better than you get on most digital cameras.  In addition to the automatic mode, the Sony Cyber-shot DCS-H50 offers an "easy" automatic mode with easier to see indicators and manual modes.  Other features include nightshot setting, face detection, slide show playback capability, self-timer, and many others. Only downsides - some of my pictures are not as sharp as I would like when blown up (not sure if it's the photographer or the limitations of the camera) and the camera doesn't come with an AC adapter which would save on battery power when connected to the computer or television. Overall, I love the camera and would recommend it to a friend.

Chester, MD


So much fun I can't stop playing with the menus!


I am an amateur photographer who has been asked a few times to substitute as professional by family members.  I bought the Sony Cybershot just before doing a wedding when my previous camera started acting out during the bridal shoot.  The pictures came out so fantastic I was pleased, but then I started playing with the additional features and realized how much fun it is.  My husband loves Sony so we exchanged the memory card from his PSP and had me going for several hundred shots which is very convenient for us!

Midvale, UT


Sony - DSC-H50 Digital Camera

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