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Sony - DPF-V700 7" LCD Bluetooth Ready Digital Photo Frame

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This little Sony picture frame makes family memories last 4ever!


I received this Sony DPF-V700 7" Digital Photo frame as a present for Christmas. Being that it's 7", it's a nice size to view pictures on. It comes with software and a remote. I love having a remote that I can change things without actually being right up to the picture frame. It's easy to use and put pictures on. You can put pictures on through the software because it has 1 gig internal memory. That's enough to start anyone off on. You can also buy regular sd cards or the sony memory sticks to place pictures on. You can add and delete pictures right through the frame. Having a few sd cards means you can change your pictures really fast and have a lot to choose from. From what I see they were a good price, and you're paying for a good product. It has a stand that you can set it on a shelf nicely or you can hang it up on the wall. I really like my digital picture frame, and am happy with Sony products.

Northern Cambria, PA


This Sony Digital Frame Makes Pictures Come Alive


So i'm new to this whole fake picture business, but I have to say I'm impresses with the functionality of this Sony digital photo frame. I just load up the SD card on my computer with my favorite pics, slip it into the appropriate spot, easily reached, on the back of the digital picture frame, and voila, there they are on the tiny seven inch screen. The quality looks good enough, even though you probably won't be setting this up to be viewed at a distance. I got one for my parents and it sits on the table next to the recliner as Dad watches his programs..or Matlock or whatever. While he's getting po'd at the news and the daily political talking heads and his blood pressure rises, he can glance over to see his grandkids and family and other various happy thought inducing images, and he's calm again. I bet you didn't think this frame could be so useful, huh? Its all about placement. Be sure to put it some place it will actually be viewed.

New Braunfels, TX


My Sony Photo Frame Review


Extremely high resolution, clarity and brightness.  Can't notice any pixelation unless I'm using a low resolution image.  The clock display over the pictures is really nice.  Also has pretty cool picture transition/fading effects.  The built-in flash memory is very nice and convenient, but one thing you can't do is view images from the built-in with images that you use from external cards.  I like the timer that I can set to turn on and off at certain times, so I can not waste electricity when I'm either sleeping or at work.  The frame accepts most if not all Sony memory card types as well as ones.  Other frames I've had if you insert the memory card, it shows coming out from the side, but the Sony frame neatly hides it much better. This picture frame would make a great gift.  The one downside is that it does not come with the USB cable needed in order to load images from your computer to the built-in memory on the picture frame.  

Los Angeles, CA


Sony - DPF-V700 7" LCD Bluetooth Ready Digital Photo Frame

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