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Sony - DCR-SX40 Camcorder

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A Handy Little Cam!!


The Sony Handycam DCR-SX40 is an amazing little camera. It features a touch screen that swivels for easy viewing. It is compact enough to easily hold with one hand, and use the controls with available fingers. The whole camera is only around 7" x 4", so it's super easy to bring along wherever you go. The movies are very clear, and it has great stability and zoom. The battery life is long as well, and a full charge lasts around a month with regular use. The software that comes with it is great too. It's easy to install, and the camera hooks up quickly with step by step instructions. Very easy to upload your movies, then put them on Youtube or Facebook. I got this as a present for my husband, and he's in love too. It has a decent amount of internal memory, around 4GB I believe. You can also use it as a camera and take regular pictures while you are videotaping, which is a nice feature too! The playback is simple, and I would recommend this camera to any interested.


Hobe Sound, FL


Cute little camera


I bought this camera over a year ago. It was a kind of spur of the moment purchase bought at Walmart. Still I'm glad I got it. I haven't used it alot though. Still learning. Main thing I don't know is how to put together bits of filming to make a continous movie. It doesn't have a pause button. It has a nice zoom and I love the blue color of mine. It's fairly easy to operate. I just need to use it more. Easy to charge. So as much as I've used it ilike it and recommend.


Fredericksburg, VA


Great camera for the price


This little camera is great. the battery charges quickly and lasts for several hours when it is fully charged. One of the nice things about this camera is that it has built in memory storage, some comparable video cameras require you to buy a memory card in order to be able to record any viedo. It would have been nice if they offered a package deal with a memory card but oh well. This thing has a nice Carel Zies lens which does a great job of capturing video in nice clear picture. This paticular camera also gives you the option to take still photos which can come in handy. The HD version of this camera is extermely nice as well, my brother recently bought that and I have got to compare both of them, but it is a lot more expensive for very little gain in my book. Hooking this up to a TV is very easy and painless unlike some camcorders. The display on the camera can rotate so it is facing outward which makes it very easy to show other people things you have recorded without hooking up to a tv or a computer.


Vancouver, WA


The Sony DCR-SX40 is Extremely User Friendly.


This compact little unit is definitely not short on features or power.  The Sony DCR-SX40 is GREAT!  The battery life holds it's own for quite awhile.  The pictures are clean and precise.  Even the Zoom remains clear from 60X to 2000x.  You can view your movies or the pictures that you have taken right on your TV at home.  The Sony DCR-SX40 is fun to use, easy to use and it is pretty much all you need for a camera and a handycam all together.  What I like best about the Sony DCR-SX40 is the fact that you don't have to be a Wizard at operating this camera yet the pictures and video clips look as if you are one.  I am completely happy with this camera and handycam combo and will recommend this product to anybody looking for something like this.  It is well worth the money and the quality is superb.


Ephrata, WA


Sony - DCR-SX40 Camcorder

4.5 4