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Sony - DAV-HDX 266 Home Theater System

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Good System


It is a quite good theater system that has pretty strong and clear sound. Still, it is a relatively big but that is something expected for such device. In order to be truly efficient, it must have all important parts. I have a big house and a really big living room. Also, inside is black furniture and white floors. The system is also black and fits really well inside. If you have not enough space that may be a problem. It has several wires that connect speakers with the main console. Sony has always produced great products, and this one is also made of the highest quality. Still, its price was higher than I expected. But I am satisfied with it at the end. It is not ideal and could be better, but it is good enough to have it at home.

Vienna, Austria


Great sound, medium price


I was inspired to purchase this a while back because it was on display at the store we were shopping at. It also had a holiday markdown, so the price was also a determining factor in this decision. The easiest part of this decision was where to hook it up. The hardest decision was the hook up, mainly because I am not very tech savvy. There are very few cables or cords to deal with so it actually is less complicated than most other home theater systems. One great thing about this particular model is that you can actually expand it with an ipod Docking Station so that you can play music from your ipod or stereo system. It's speakers appear small overall but this is a case where big sound comes in small packages for sure. The sound is delivered throughout the room exceptionally clear - surprisingly better than I thought for the price I paid for it. There is also a 5 disc CD, DVD player. The thing about it though, is that the unit only accepts one at a time and if you try to load a DVD while something is playing the entire system will stop while it's being loaded. That can be a pain but, If you just load prior to playing, you will avoid the small inconvenience. That really would be my only complaint. Overall, it functions great for the price that was paid. I would recommend it to others because of cost vs. quality is a great ratio.



the SONY home theatre IS good for the price


This SONY home theatre unit was one of the best I could find for the price.  It does what the sales info says except the remote control does NOT control the shelf unit and the shelf speaker.  Seems odd the remote doesn't control all five speakers. But the picture and sound qualtiy are good, and the unit is nice and compact as are the speakers.  They are small with good sound capabilities.

Dallas, TX


I live by Sony, always great quality sound.


Every product that i have owned that was made by Sony was quite an impressive product. From TV's to car stereo equipment, to the home theater. DAV-HDX 266 is no exception. Definately gets five stars out of me!!! I would talk anyone that is interested in a home theater into buying this one. It will put a big smile on their face!

Myrtle Beach, SC


Okay, but way to much bass


Decent for the blockbluster movies that need the power of some serious bass, but for casual shows where you just want to hear people talk you get kinda overpowered.  There may be a way to fix that, but I am not techy enough  to figure it out.

Sacramento, CA


The HDMI connection can break very easy


I have the DAV HDX 275  .   I would suggest anyone buying Devices with HDMI to purchase the extended warrenty . The HDMI connection can break Just by moving the unit while it is pluged in . Other then that the sound is great , one of the best systems i have owned .

Lafayette, IN


Very nice sound for the money


This SONY sounds great and the cost was under 300.00 and the DVD player has a video format 720x480p, 1280x720p, and then it has 1920x1080i that enhances the picture Quality so much that i cant tell the difference from that or a HD TV show, But Don't get me wrong, I have heard that HD or BLU-RAY DVD players are the even better than this. Cant wait to see for my self.

Owego, NY


Sony - DAV-HDX 266 Home Theater System

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