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Sony - Cybershot TX7 Digital Camera

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Sony Cybershot TX& is one of the best digital cameras out there


I purchased the Sony Cybershot TX7 camera right before going on a trip abroad because I wanted a camera that could take amazing photos as well as videos. This camera does both! It has a very large touch screen in the back that is very easy to use and has several convenient features. The panorama mode can be used with great ingenuity after playing around with it (some of the shots can look somewhat fisheye-ish, though), and it has a burst function which is really fun to experiment with. It also has a smile-detect mode which actually takes some amazing photos without needing to time or click the camera. The video function is top-notch-- it has 1080i HD quality, which is extremely clear and highly recommended. The only problem with the video, though, is that editing software can be expensive on a PC. Nevertheless, I would still recommend this camera to anyone looking for a simple, compact, high quality camera that is extremely easy to use.


Houston, TX


I love the touch screen!!!


This is a great all around camera. The pictures come out wonderfully and the features are really nice. To learn how to use all the features you may need to carry around the hand book for a while but it is well worth it. There is one feature that I love, and it is the ability to write on the picture from the camera. When you alter a picture it does not erase the original but simply adds another picture on the camera. It will orginize your pictures automatically in a scrap book calander!! There is only one feature missing that I would like to see added, that is panoramic shots. If it is on there, I have not found it yet. I am also having problems finding this camera now. Mine is about 1 yr old and when I looked for one for as a gift, I could not locate it. Great camera, I highly recommend Sony.


Ocean Springs, MS


the greatest digital camera ever


This digital camera is very expensive but it is very cool. The slim design of this camera is very attractive and the camera fits anywhere without any bulk. The slide tab on the front of the camera is really nice because it is able to turn the camera on and off. This camera is also waterproof so that makes it perfect for the summer when the kids are in the pool. When I want to take wide shots of a group of people i am able to take a panoramic view so that I can get everyone in the shot. The camera also has a battery that is rechargeable. The battery life is not very long and that is a disadvantage when I am away from an electric outlet. This camera has a nice touch screen that is good and takes away confusing buttons that I find difficult to operate on other cameras. The camera also takes really nice HD videos that I can upload to my computer or view on my television set. I can also edit the pictures that I take right on the camera.


Uncasville, CT


Sony Cyber Shot is the best digital camera I've ever seen.


I really love this digital camera from Sony called the the Cyber Shot DSC-TX7. It has a 3.5 touch screen and has features similar photobucket. You can add words or "stamps" (little pictures/stickers) with the touch of your finger anywhere on the photo, then save a copy of your creation all the while save the original shot too. The fun doesn't stop there however, you can also play around with the feature if someone is not smiling in a photo you can choose the camera to digitally adjust the persons lips to make it appear as though they are smiling. Amazing things can be done with this camera that I have not seen seen on any others. I would say the price is up there but it definitely worth the quality. The cool slide down motion to turn on the camera makes it feel as though you have luxury right there in your palm. Not to mention to picture quality is intense at 10.1 megapixels you can capture the most vividly splendid candid shots. Easy to travel with also. The perfect camera for anyone hoping to document their life through photography. 


Chandler, AZ


Sony - Cybershot TX7 Digital Camera

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