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Sony Cybershot TX66 Digital Camera

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Pretty Good Digital Camera


I almost always purchase Sony Cybershot cameras when I need a new digital camera so when it was time to replace mine I went with this model. At first I wasn't impressed with the fact that you have to slide it open and closed but I quickly got used to it. It's actually a rather nice feature. The screen is very large, covering the entire back of the camera. It takes a bit of getting used to to have a camera without buttons, but I eventually did. The camera is very thin and fits beautifully in a pocket without any bulging and it's light enough that it doesn't drag down your coat pocket or purse with added weight. What I did find annoying was that the camera comes by itself. There is no memory card and you can only take a handful of pictures without one since there is virtually no memory built into the camera. That was fine since I just transferred the card from my old camera to the new one, but it's still annoying. There is also no case or anything else. It's just the camera in the package (along with a charger and wrist strap).

Vernon Rockville, CT


Sony Cybershot TX66 Digital Camera

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