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Sony - Cybershot T500 Digital Camera

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Great Camera


I was given the Sony Cybershot T500 Digital camera as a christmas present from my parents. I must say that I have enjoyed using this camera and have not had any problems with it. The look of the camera is very unique and stylish looking. It is very easy to use and produce very nice pictures. Also, I like the fact that it is not costly replacing batteries, so you can have a few spare batteries laying around for emergencies.I like the HD recording picture feature that this camera have, which is another added benefit.The touch screen is great, because it is easy to plug in and go. Overall, this is a great camera for shooting great photos and videos with it being easy to operate as well. This is a great camera to have and I would recommend this camera if you are in a market for a new one.


Memphis, TN


I love my little camera


My daughter got me this camera last year for Christmas, and I wasn't at all sure that I wanted a digital camera.  I had a nice camera that still used film.  I knew how to use that one and wasn't very sure that I could master something so technical.  I was wrong!!  It is actually pretty easy to use.  It takes excellent pictures.  My kids showed me how to download the pictures and even printed them for me.  It was really pretty easy.  I don't know what I was so afraid of.


Romulus, MI


Totally loving it!


I got this camera for Christmas this past year, and I'm totally loving it!  Wasn't sure if I'd like a completely touchscreen camera to take my pictures, but I've had no problems with it so far!  I love the fact that the view screen is so huge, the zoom is amazing, and the photos it takes is just quality!  Sometimes you have to push the screen twice for it to select something, but that's the only thing wrong I see with it.


Silver Spring, MD


Sony - Cybershot T500 Digital Camera

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