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Sony - Cybershot T300 Digital Camera

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great sleek point & shoot!


In my opinion, Sony makes the best point & shoot cameras. While I consider myself a professional photographer with a Nikon DSLR, I think Sony beats the other brands in this category. Not only do you look cool with this camera (it slides open & closed and doesn't have a big lense) but it takes unbelievably gorgeous photos even while using the zoom. The high megapixels on this camera are great & it performs really well in low light without flash, like at concerts. This is my go to camera to tote around with me on an everyday basis & is usually always in my bag! It is great for candid photos & snapshots, but it won't take professionally quality photos that have that dream blur (bokeh) behind them. The battery life on this camera is pretty good, but I did purchase a second battery that I usually keep on me as well. I found that if I'm out & about snapping pictures consistently, the battery does drain pretty quickly! Overall, this is a great point & shoot camera! Image Quality Great photos!


Newport Beach, CA


I love this Sony camera and it has so many options!


I got this Sony cybershot camera for Christmas and so far I love it. It has so many options for taking pictures that I sometimes just sit and play with them all. My favorite so far is toy camera, where it focuses in on the middle and darkens and fades the edges to bring your attention to the middle. It also has a setting where it will isolate out only one color and then make everything else black and white. I have used it both inside and outside and it does great in both places. It has a panorama setting as well that works great. It hooks up to the computer great and filing and transferring the photos is very easy. I have taken some great shots with this camera and I have so much more to learn. Image Quality Images are clear and easy to take in a wide variety of settings. Durability Will hold up after drops. Portability Fits in my pocket.


Lexington, MO


good professional pictures without an outrageous price


this is a good camera that can take professional grade pictures and videos Image Quality if you have the right settings on, you shouldn't have any problems getting crisp clear pictures every time Performance this camera can perform like a more professional one but doesn't cost as much Ease of Use simple to use settings. if you don't have much experience with camera settings, it has a easy mode that is helpful Durability great durability have had mine since they first came out and haven't had any problems with it. i know that it has been dropped from a significant height twice and still works fine Battery Life the battery will usually last for at least one full day of shooting b/f it needs to be charged. the battery has a fairly short charging time b/f it is ready to be used again Portability super portable, it is very sleek and slim so it's easy to take it with you pretty much anywhere


Tallahassee, FL


Sony Cybershot t300 -Good for tech dummies, children and seniors


Sony Cybershot T300 is quite a fabulous camera with its attention-drawing "smile catch" function. It's thin and fashionable, but I wouldn't recommend it if you are into photography. Sure you can't ask too much from such a small camera, but there are many other cameras on the market which are just as light and convenient, while they offer much better photo quality and better facilities. This is a rather old camera now, but it might be good if you just want a quick and simple camera rather than any type of serious photograph. It's really easy to use even young children and seniors can easily handle it. It would be great for recording your family time. The auto smile detect and catch function is especially useful when you are enjoy your time with your children, and it works reasonably well. With that function, you don't need to detract from your game and try to push the shutter when your baby laughes, you could just set the function active, and play with your baby, the camera will do the job for you. And it is a really sweet function.


San Francisco, CA


Great camera


When I first had this camera I thought to myself how aeshetically pleasing it was. The nice, classy alumnium finish apropriately fits with the price I paid. Before my first shot I said a prayer that the pictures this camera takes will look at least half as decent as the camera itself, and boy they did. Pictures taken in good lighting conditions look amazing, top rate among point-and-shoots. The colors and the detail are not lost one bit and you have the option to view them on a HD screen as well through HDMI or USB. The touch-screen user interface could use a bit of work but it's usable overall. There are plenty of options and tools you use on the camera. From croping to manipulating a person's face to smile? Oddly enough there's an awesome tool to do that as well. Did I mention you can video-record with this camera too? The video-recording capabilities are subpar with other point-and-shoots of it's class but considering how this camera is more than 3 years old it's understandable. Low-light shooting both for video and photos are decent but it could be better given the price of the camera. Overall I do not regret the price I paid for this camera one bit and if I look to replace it you can bet I will get another Sony Cybershot camera.


San Diego, CA




I love my sony super steadyshot dsc-t300!  it is very easy to use and has many features.  you just need to purchase it and play with it.  it has a great feature for taking pics of toddlers.....it won't take the pic until it there is teeth in the pic. it also has a feature for taking pics of moving objects....such as children or your loving pets......you just hold the button and it takes picture after picture very quickly.  then you can review them and find your best shots.  the camera also has a flip front to protect your lens as well as keeps you from accidently taking pics.  it also comes in different colors so you can show off your personaility.


Fpo, AE


Sony - Cybershot T300 Digital Camera

4.8 6