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Sony - Cybershot T1 Digital Camera

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Very Good Camera, Bad Flash


I owned a lot of camera, this Sony Cybershot T1 is the best I have ever owned. The other generations of this camera have touchscreen which are inconvenience and useless. I prefer the physical button instead of touchscreen. Two down sides of this camera: one is the flash unit, which never got any good pictures with it on. Another problem is the user interface. It is okay for the camera section, but horrible for the home screen to select video an other functions of the camera, and its confusing too. PROS:Convenience, turn on the camera simply slides down the cover.Big Screen.Acurate Focus.No touchscreen (could be a CONS for other people). CONS:Bad Flash Unit, all pictures come out very bad with the flash on.Confusing interface at the home screen.

Brooklyn, NY


Sony doesn't stand behind products


When my husband bought me this camera it was not cheap. I loved this camera, really loved it. I loved it enough that I routinely recommended Sony to anyone looking for a new, smallish digital camera. I even went with Sony when I bought a larger digital camera based on this cameras performance. Then I began having problems with the image on the lcd screen as well as the printed image. I researched this. Apparently, Sony had purchased a bad batch of CCD Imagers and installed them in a lot of cameras. This particular camera was one of the models affected and was bought within that time frame. Sony claimed they were repairing affected cameras. So I contacted them and when I did I was told, that they quit repairing the cameras a month before. Upon more interent research I found there indeed was a cut off date for the repairs to be done. However, since I was not having problems prior to this I was not even aware of the recall. My product was registered and I was told I should have received an email regarding the recall. I did not. It did not matter. Sony did not stand behind their product, even though they acknowledged it was sold to me with a faulty part. I would never reocmmend Sony again.

Clio, MI


Sony - Cybershot T1 Digital Camera

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