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Sony - Cybershot S980 Digital Camera

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Sony Cybershot has poor battery life


Every time I go to use my Sony Cybershot, I can't because the battery is dead! The battery life of my Sony Cybershot is absolutely horrendous, lasting usually one use and then dying; it's pathetic. I would recommend a different camera solely because of this annoyance. Aside from the battery life being poor, the camera takes pretty decent photographs. It is a nice, compact size and comes in black and sliver, and possibly other colors, too. It has a strap attached to the camera so you can wear that around your wrist. It comes with a USB cord so uploading photos to your computer is easy...IF you have the cord it came with! Otherwise, good luck, because it is not a standard USB cord. The camera takes photos quickly so it is easy to get shots, and it does have several different settings for different lighting, action shots, nighttime photographs, etc. If you want a compact camera that takes decent photos, this camera works, but if you are looking for something fancy, look elsewhere.

Salem, OR


Good quality at a good price


Having heard that Sony is a reliable and trustworthy brand, I decided to purchase the Sony Cybershot S980 digital camera. Its sleek and shiny design was what initially caught my attention, but that certainly is not the only characteristic that makes it worthy of buying. It produces clear and true to color images that are sharp and detailed to every pixel. Not only that, but the touch screen feature is so useful to have. It has a very good optical zoom and is great for taking macro pictures as well. Also, its ability to detect motion and capture moving images as a still picture is simply brilliant technology. In addition, since the camera is touch screen, the viewing screen is very large, and provides the opportune size for viewing the captured photos. One thing that worries me, though, is if the screen gets scratched, since the proportions of the screen are so massive. So far, Sony has never failed me, and so I am glad that I purchased this particular product. 

La Crescenta, CA


the face detection feature takes the guess work out of centering


i dumped my 35m camera for a newer easier and more efficient way to take and print pictures.  No wasting valuable paper to print pictures that I would just throw away.  This new Sony digital is easy to carry, easy to use and makes taking pictures fun again.  One great feature the camera has is the "steady shot".no more blurry pictures.  Life is always moving, its not easy to stop it to get a picture,  Motion is more natural, and Sony has nailed that feature, as well as the zoom lens.  Catch the action even if its not right up close, and feel like your subject is sitting next to you!

Islip, NY


Sony - Cybershot S980 Digital Camera

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