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Sony - CyberShot DSC-W530 Digital Camera

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An inexpensive camera that suffers quality issues


I purchased this camera expecting a quality product from Sony. I was completely wrong, and I will describe the issues below with this review. The first major issue is the price. This camera was very expensive. I would not have a problem paying more money for a quality product, but this camera is anything but that. The second issue is that the pictures that I take are not clear! I am not an expert photographer, but I would think that pointing the camera at an object would take a quality picture. I have to be completely still to have any kind of chance at taking a quality picture. The camera does have many different types of modes for picture taking, which would be nice if they worked! The camera is thin, which makes it a little bit flimsy. My camera has not broken yet, but I am afraid that it will shatter if I drop it. Another issue is the short battery life! I use rechargeable batteries and they last about one hour if I am lucky. This is not too big of a deal because they batteries are rechargeable, but the price of use would sky rocket if I used regular batteries. This is one camera from Sony that I would not recommend. Image Quality Awful! Ease of Use It is simple taking pictures Durability Flimsy! Battery Life Way to short Portability Small size makes it very portable




BEtter then others


I have gone thru many cameras in my lifetime and some just don't meet my expectations. Tho they sony cyber shot is not my ideal camera is has become my best friend. It keeps up with the different environments I am in. The battery life is amazing. I have to charge the battery maybe once every thirty uses, and that's a great thing. My other camera batteries died much quicker. It is an easy to use camera and was a good price as well. I think i may have spent less then eighty on it. it is about the size of a my hand palm to finger tips, btw my hand is about six inches long. The twelve mega pixels is great tho i have seen higher but like i said it is not my ideal camera. It works for me and that is what matters more to me. Having a young child i needed something that is reliable to capture his every moments. from first steps to first day of school. So that Sony cyber shot is a good camera in my eyes and i would recommend it any one who needs a camera at the moment.


Staten Island, NY


Sony - CyberShot DSC-W530 Digital Camera

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