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Sony Bloggie Touch HD Video Camera

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The Bloggie!


The sony bloggie is an interesting camera. It has HD capabilities, and yet, still fits in your pocket. At the time, this was nice, but with technology still developing each year, there will be (maybe already are out there) better cameras than this about the same size. Performance Performs like a charm! The HD looks nice, and the pictures aren't bad either. On occasion though, there is a bit of blur, but you just need to keep your hand steady. The auto-focus doesn't work very well with some backgrounds, but overall, the quality is good. Battery Life Unfortunately, the battery for this model is inside the device, and not removable. Filming HD takes a lot of power, yes, so having the 2-3 hour battery life is somewhat understandable. Still, it's sad that there isn't a battery pack you can switch to. Durability HD camera is surprisingly sturdy. I dropped mine a few times (unintentionally, of course), and it didn't leave any scratches, marks, or anything. Didn't get damaged, and still works great. Ease of Use This is very easy to use. Sony even included software for importing/sending pictures to be a breeze. Very easy, very fun. Design Good design, fits perfectly in your pocket. Still, I would have liked to have a removable battery, to be able to change it out, and not just have to charge it.



A Big Disappointment!


For video things can't be moving or they'll be blurry. Trying to move from one thing to another causes issues. Pictures must be taken by being very still. Switching from modes is a hassle, as is using touch screen controls. Uploaded ease is the only positive but when you're uploading junk because nothing took well, how much does it really matter?!? Performance See overall rating for this information. Battery Life This camera was dead after approx. thirty minutes of video and maybe 30 pics. Durability It's a small, handheld camera and it's durability is on par with others in the same category. I worry about the touch screen breaking if you dropped it even once because it takes up the entire face of the product. Ease of Use Again, please see overall review. Design Features are not functional as designed. This is not functional to switch modes on (from pics to vid and back) and vid touchscreen controls are a hassle.

Granite City, IL


Good camera


If you need a camera that is easy to use, this is it. It doesn't have anything flashy, including a flash to go along with it. The zoom isn't great, neither is the software that goes along with it. The amount of internal memory is great, but if your looking to expand that, it isn't going to happen, there is not place for an sd card.



This is the best camera for a first time user it teaches you.


This is an awesome camera and video recorder. It is really easy to use. Battery Life The battery charges while you are uploading your photos. I have never ran out of battery life. Durability The reason I say this, one day I was taking pictures are the pool and I left the camera lying on a table. It was in the Sony carrying case that came with the camera and that night when hard a rain storm. The next day when I was looking for the Sony I remember I left it by the pool. The first thing I thought I was glad that I had purchase the extra warranty. When I open the case it was fine. I took a picture and it turned out fantastic. Ease of Use I am not anyway at all technical and I was nervous about this process, but all you do is plug it in the computer and everything is loaded for your. Following the directions and that's it. It was so easy. I now can upload pictures to emails, facebook etc.....

Apex, NC


Fast, easy to use, takes fantastic photos and videos.


Fast, easy to use, takes fantastic photos and videos. This compact unit has a high-definition camera for still photos, takes full-HD video, and has built-in software to easily manage both. With only 3 buttons (on/off, still photo, and video) the camera is mostly managed through its touch-screen interface. Turns on and is ready to use in less tha 2 seconds, so you'll never miss that special moment! Has a pop-out USB interface for downloading your media to your computer.

Sellersville, PA


Sony Bloggie Touch HD Video Camera

3.8 5