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Sony BRAVIA KDL60EX720 60-Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV, Black (2011 Model)

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one of the best LED tv


this is the best tv ive seen so far. the style of the tv is perfect for my room. 240hz makes the movie run smooth and no judding like my old tv. extra bonus for this tv its 3D compatible, but too bad the transmitter is not built in the tv. 3D glasses are sold separately, i wish wouldve include it with the tv. the black level on the tv is perfect , not cloudy at all. the tv menu is easy to navigate. 

Long Beach, CA


Perfect TV


There are tons of different inputs you can plug into the back of the tv.  Compare this to my Samsung that has a very limited amount of inputs.  You will greatly appreciate all the connections you can plug in with this tv.  The menu system is ok, could use a little work but overall works well.  The remote is good too and if you get a sony blu ray player, it just automatically worked with that as well.  The TV has perfect picture, and the 3D is excellent.  I hooked up the transmitter and put on some glasses and watched a 3D movie and it looked awesome.  The tv can also convert regular 2D tv into 3D tv.  It is ok, you probably own't end up using it that much.  It is a little better and also i think a little clearer, there is some 3D effect but you probably won't want to waste your time wearing your 3D glasses around to use it.  The sound is also pretty good for a flatscreen, i was surprised at the quality and fullness.   If you are going to pay around the same amount for a non-3D tv, just get this one and then at least you have the capability to watch 3D if you change your mind later.

Tarrytown, NY


Awesome 3D picture


I love Sony and this TV does not disappoint. Just got it a few days ago and it has a great picture. WE got the 3D accessories and already have a PS3 and watched A Christmas Carols last night in 3D. I like this type of 3D better than in the theaters because it is a better crisper picture. The 3D is more in terms of depth than projection on an image towards you but it really have a great look to it. Can't go wrong with this TV.

Hickory, NC


Sony BRAVIA KDL60EX720 60-Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV, Black (2011 Model)

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