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Great TV


My husband purchased this 32 inch, Sony Bravia flatscreen television for my birthday several years ago. At first I was furious, because honestly, I did not want a TV for my birthday. But, I do love watching TV in bed, so as soon as we hooked it up in our bedroom, I was sold! Prior to this TV we had a 19 inch, tube style monster of a TV, that probably weighs 3x the amount that this one weighs. This TV is extremely lightweight, so much so that even I can easily pick it up and move it around. The picture is wonderful, clear and very bright. I love the larger screen in the bedroom, compared to what we used to have. Makes TV watching so much more enjoyable late at night. The frame is thin and black, very sleek and modern, and easily matches any decor. I really have no complaints about this TV at all. We have had it for probably about 5 years and have not had one problem with it so far. It works great, the picture is sharp and clear, and the sound is perfect. Couldn't ask for more in a TV. Picture Quality Not quite as crisp as the 1080i Sony Bravia we have in the living room (this one is 720) but still, it is really great, clear quality.



The Sony Bravia LCD Tv is great


     When we were given the SONY Bravia LCD TV as a gift ,a few years back, everyone in the family was excited!  We had never had such a nice TV.  The screen was big enough for our whole family to sit comfortably on the couch and still be able to watch our shows.  No more fighting and crowding around our little 15" TV!  It has so many features, too.  If you don't want your kids to watch certain channels, just set the parental control settings to block programs according to their content and rating levels. Just enter a four digit password with the number keys on your remote. Want to change the picture settings, sound settings, screen settings or channels settings?  Just push the MENU button and you will be able to perform a variety of tasks through a control panel on the screen, no more trying to remember codes on your remote, it's as easy as that.  The SONY Bravia LCD TV is a TV the whole family will love.

Round Lake, IL



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